How to Deal with Negative Energy That Kills You at Work?

how to deal with negative energy at work

Coping up with work can be hard sometimes and when you phase out of life, it gets worse. Dealing with negative energy might seem hard at first, but if you follow these instructions strictly, I assure success.

Before we dig into the root causes of negative energy-consuming you, it is best to talk to a psychiatrist.

It is wise to concern a doctor before you find yourself implementing any of these tested methods in your life. The reason why I am advising you to do so is that you are unaware of what is actually causing trouble.

You might think that depression is taking over your mental health, on the other hand, it might only be stress.

Root Causes of Negative Energy

1. Toxic People around You!

This is true as they come, toxic people bring you down like no other. Toxic people can be classified as selfish, mean, rude and what not. These people have a habit of smothering you with their selfless personal and ideologies.

Toxic people come in all shapes, can be the watch-man, your immediate boss or even the owner of your firm. Working in such tight conditions can be a pain and it might drown you in negative energy.

2. Work-load Management

One of the most apparent reasons to feel a bit low or surrounded by negative energy is work-load management. We all list down our skill sets on our resumes and one of them is work-load management.

We claim to be very good at it, however, sadly our school doesn’t teach us how to manage work-load.

Let’s say, you work at an audit firm and there are 1000 forms sitting on your desk which need to be digitized ASAP. Your boss, Mr. Mean doesn’t care about your mental health, when he says he wants them, he wants them.

A normal person might hand it over to interns, but your perfectionist approach might restrain you from doing so. Most Americans face this problem at work, regardless of the line of a profession they work in.

3. Relationship Stress

Not all the stress you have is from work, some part of it you just bring from home. It’s understandable that everything is not right at home. Your partner is driving you crazy, or your kids are having a hard time opening up to you.

All of these worries upset you and overthinking makes you pound your head on the wall. It is common to carry such stress with you everywhere you go. Everyone does it since humans don’t have an off switch like vampires.

How to overcome negative energies around you?

1. Meditation and Exercise

Meditation and exercise are the oldest tools in the book to deal with negative energy. Many people might tell you that it is all a waste of time but you won’t know it till you do consistently.

Consistency is the key to a successful life, getting up every day and wanting something new is only human. However, exercising regularly can really push down stress and bring positivity to your life.

Meditation calms your soul and exercise does the same for your body. When both are at peace, you feel lite and energized. We all need the energy to carry out day to day tasks.

Meditating makes us believe in us, helps us anchor down the negativity in our life; no matter what the origin of the negativity is.

2. Socializing and Spreading Your Work-load

Socializing is important for dealing with negative energy, as humans are social animals. Refraining from people and isolating yourself looks good at the start but as soon as the loneliness hits you, it all gets bad.

Socializing with your co-workers is quite important. You can’t survive without accepting them.

I understand that many of your fellows might get on your nerves. However, you have to let small things in order to attain solace.

Solace is not easy to attain, many people die trying. Nonetheless, trying to attain solace is not a sin.

Accepting your surroundings and making the best of it is called life. We will not always be surrounded by our childhood friends, hence, accept and make fun of whatever you have.

3. Does a Healthy Diet Help?

Yes, indeed! A healthy lifestyle requires a healthy diet plan. The healthier you eat, the healthier you breed. This saying is not only restricted to breeding kids, but it can also be interpreted as breeding thoughts and auras.

Our thought process defines us, what we think is what we are. The better we think, the positive we are towards life, the more inclined we are towards having a healthy lifestyle.

Once you shut down the negativity’s door, you’re on your way to attain solace.

The diet helps you function better and provides all the necessary ingredients your brain needs to stay calm!

4. Find a hobby to control stress!

Finding a hobby can be thought of as a last resort to wash off the negativity you have from work. This is what I do.

Whenever I am stressed out or feel that people around me are getting on my nerves, I turn to my browser and view funny videos until I feel better.

This is what you can do to, join a gym or sign up for something fun. Life cannot go on if it has nothing fun in it. You always find what moves you and makes you feel better.


This hack is not only going to make you feel better but also function better at work to deal with negative energy. The calmer your mind, the better the productivity level. If you need to find a way to enhance your work, try to kill that stress of yours.

Everyone has a midlife crisis and they feel like nothing is going according to plan. However, it is essential that you believe in yourself and never give up.

If people around you have been complaining about your tied up mood, it is time you fixed that. The best choice would be to concern a doctor and talk it out with them.

I hope whatever is troubling you pass and you find this article of some use!

Stress Management Techniques at Work

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