How to Overcome Barriers of Communication

Communication is essential to share information, form relationships, and strengthen those relationships. Effective communication expresses feelings, thoughts, and feelings. This helps us to trust one another and share our sorrows and happiness. Therefore, having effective communication with family, friends, and colleagues is important.

However, ineffective communication can lead to conflicts. The communication barrier prevents two people from making their point understandable to each other. This can create misunderstandings and even damage relations. There are communication barriers that you might often face. This article will provide you an insight into barriers of communication and how to overcome them.

Cultural Diversity

People belong to different cultures and this can initiate cultural clashes very easily. It is important to be very careful and talk without hurting their beliefs about culture or religion. Make sure to state your point and say only what’s required.

Moreover, don’t include your emotion and sentiments. Understand the point of view of others and have a stable conversation. This way you will be able to know about different cultures and religions around the world and make new diverse friends.

Perceptual Contrast

The perceptual communication barrier is when you say something in a sarcastic, angry, or emotional tone. People with whom you are having a conversation might think that you are not serious or interested in the topic that you are talking about. As a result, they no longer listen to you attentively. 

It is important to have a positive tone and body language. This greatly impacts how others will perceive your conversation. Make your conversation meaningful and beneficial. You must also maintain eye contact now and then. Show proper interest in what they are saying. Smile sincerely and have a constructive conversation.

Language Difference

Another most common and unavoidable communication barrier is the language barrier. If someone uses big words, jargon, or wrong words during a conversation, it usually gets difficult for the other person to understand you. What you might think is easy for you to understand, may not be easy for others. 

Thus, it is important to use simple words and easy grammar. Don’t use fancy words as this will only lead to misunderstandings. Explain things more simply rather than making them complicated. This way you will be able to communicate efficiently.

Gender Polarization

The gender difference also brings up communication barriers. Oftentimes men and women cease to understand each other. While men can move on quickly after a disagreement, women tend to take it to their graves. Men use logic whereas women trust their intuition. Women usually involve emotion more than men. Hence, this makes it difficult to have effective conversations. It is possible that a male boss recklessly makes an anti-feminist allusive remark or has issues with them when they take family leaves. 

To avoid this, you shouldn’t classify people in genders. Talk to them as human beings first. Don’t make gender-based innuendos. If you don’t have anything good to say, it’s better not to say anything at all. To have good communication, be open-minded, and maintain eye contact. State your points simple and straightforward. 


Hence, when starting communication, make sure that the time and place are right. Choose your topic wisely. Keep your personal opinions and feelings out of it. Don’t try to force your perception on to anyone. Respect each other’s opinions. Listen to what the other person is trying to say. Don’t destroy your relations just for the sake of winning arguments

Moreover, always be clear and use the language that the other person will understand easily. Another thing that you should do is to make sure if the other person wants to have a conversation at that moment or not. It is possible that they might be tired and not want to talk at all.

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