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How To Practice Spirituality Without Religion? Here is the starting point!

Human needs two nourishment to survive: physical and spiritual. Physical nourishment are required by body in the form of food, drinks and eateries to survive however; spiritual nourishment is necessary for soul and inner peace. Spiritual nourishment is provided by practicing spirituality. Spirituality makes part of all traditions, cultures, and civilizations. There are various ways how to practice spirituality without religion in your life. The five most effective ways to practice spirituality are:

Know What Spirituality Means

Knowing spirituality makes it easier for you to practice it in a proper way. Spirituality comprises of practices such as meditation, prayers, and yoga, breathing exercises, prayers in a particular culture, rituals or ceremonies. Daily interactions with people and all objects in your life also make part of spirituality. Spirituality, in any of above ways, brings you close to God and nourishes your soul. It makes you pure from within and that reflects in your interaction with worldly objects including human beings. From how to practice spirituality without religion.

Julian Cameron rightly said “You do not need to become spiritual. You are spiritual; you only need to remember that fact. Spirit is within you. God is within you.”

Spirituality brings the inclusive development in a human. He or she maintains balance in all of his relationships with other people, follows and practices spiritual exercises regularly, and gives due importance to all aspects of his life with compassion and piety.

The Art of Meditation

Meditation or prayers are most effective way of practicing spirituality. According to Stewart Bitkoff, an expert in psychiatric rehabilitation, regular prayer or meditation increases brings manifold increase in your spiritual development.

He further adds on that spirituality in the form of prayers and meditation should be practiced on regular basis to get maximum benefit. Through meditation, one takes control of his body and thoughts and, submits himself to Higher Authority – God. In this way, a person releases himself from all stresses as he makes God responsible for all occurrences in his life.

Likewise, spending more time with people practicing spirituality will make you regular towards practicing it.

Doing Little Acts of Kindness

The reason for serving humanity is that it brings peace and goodness within you and people around you. This doesn’t mean spirituality comes only by saving others life. Spirituality can be practiced by doing little acts of kindness. You can do social work such as teaching children who can’t afford education, donating money to charity, or volunteering for humanitarian cause.

You will realize it will make you much calmer and spiritually satisfied person. Give people what you have and they don’t. Doing something good for others brings peace and contentment within you. Be generous and giving, it won’t leave you any less in fact, earn you spiritual peace.

Eat Healthier

You might not consider eating nutritious and healthy food as a spiritual practice. But, it is the integral part in your spiritual development. Eating healthy food gives the optimum energy required by the body thus, maintains the healthy outlook of a human body. Taking utmost care of your diet and daily intake of eateries is none less than practicing spirituality itself. When we eat healthy, metabolism in our body functions properly and maintains mind-body balance. Eat healthier is also a good point on how to practice spirituality without religion.

As mentioned before, our physical health and spiritual health are closely inter-related. Disturbance in any of them may cause problem in the other. So, living a healthy lifestyle has bunch of highlights such as avoid smoking, practicing yoga or doing exercise, quitting alcohol or at least reducing the intake, and eating green vegetables and drinking fresh juice. These practices will provide you with not only the required energy but spiritual nourishment as well.

Be in Contact with your Inner Self

Introspection leads to inner peace. We often get ourselves engulfed so much in day to day chores that we hardly get time to sit for a while and introspect. Reflecting back on your thoughts, body, and inner self is as important as performing worldly chores. Spirituality demands that if you want peace in your life, you have to practice spirituality by taking precious time out of your busy schedule. Go to the beach or on the roof top where you’re in contact with elements of nature as air, water, or plants.

There, you can meditate or perform yoga in which will be inward. Turn your focus on the way you breathe. Take a particular thought that had been irritating you for a week and focus on it while you will notice nature whiffs the stress away from you. You can also sit in a soothing place and reflect on whats, whys, and hows of your life. You will realize much calmness and inner peace after these practices of spirituality.

Moreover, be regular on these spiritual practices as the results don’t appear instantly and peace comes with persistence in spiritual practices. It’s all about from the how to practice spirituality without religion.

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