How to Purify Your Soul: 3 Essential Changes to Make In Your Personality

It is that time again, you know the one: resolution time and how to purify your soul by bring changes in your personality.  With the year just beginning, everyone is making their plans, setting their goals and making their travel plans for the next year.  And while this is a great practice, resolutions are often fueled by external events – family, friends, society – thus resulting in failed resolutions because they are not authentic to the individual.

How To Purify Your Soul

So before you really kick off your resolutions for 2017, sit down and really consider what it is you want for this year.  What are you looking to accomplish this year: emotionally, spiritually or professionally? Where do your strengths and gifts lie? How can you use them to improve yourself and your relationships by the end of the year? and most importantly, How to purify your soul? Take time to meditate and really contemplate what it is that you want to accomplish in 2017 and move into the New Year with goals that match your drive and your purpose of how to purify your soul.

Resolutions that are aligned with personal drive often are more successful than those made for superficial reasons.  Chances are you have a personal goal that involves some form of self-healing.  Whether you are trying to quit smoking, lose weight or be more patient, or questioning how to purify your soul? you are required addresses the deeper reasoning behind your need to smoke or over eat.  It is easy to treat the symptoms, it is difficult to dig deep and address the real issue.

If you make a resolution to lose 10 or more pounds per year, but never contemplate the emotional reasons behind your weight the resolution is not going to do much to help you.  It is important to set attainable goals that begin with how to purify your soul, your core and your energy.  And in turn, you will also begin to heal your mind.

If you are looking to heal your soul in 2017, here are three great ways to begin doing so:

Prioritize Your Spirituality

When life gets too busy, it is easy to put your spirituality on the back burner, abandoning it in favor of something more “important”.  The issue with this is spirituality is a pressing concern for your daily life – even if it is just quieter than the other pressing matters like bills or family.  By making spirituality a low priority, you are actually doing yourself a great disservice and this is the first step on how to purify your soul.

how to purify your soul by incorporating personality changes

No matter how you practice your spirituality, you should work to incorporate things like journaling, daily meditation, connecting with nature and staying grounded.  These things are necessary for your well-being and health.  They help you manage your stress levels which helps keep the rest of your life balanced.

While it may seem selfish to take time out of your busy schedule to meditate or practice your spirituality when you have a million things you need to do, you need to make it a priority.  You cannot take care of anyone else, or be successful at work when you are not first taking care of yourself.  So make time to connect with your spiritual side and you will find more balance in the rest of your life and you will no more question on how to purify your soul.

Reform Yourself

How to Purify Your Soul: 3 Essential Changes You Should Make In Your Personality Today

Do you have something you have been holding onto? It is time to just let it go.  This is one of the biggest parts of healing your soul and the beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to start letting go of things like bad behaviors, limiting beliefs, negative voices or toxic relationships.  Once you relieve yourself of those burdens, you can start your year with a blank page you can fill with what you want.  Not what your friends want, family wants or society wants, but what is best for you and your life.

Removing the negativity opens you up for new opportunities to fill your life with positive energy and uplifting your mind and body.

Give to Others

How to Purify Your Soul: 3 Essential Changes You Should Make In Your Personality Today


To help yourself, you need to help others.  It is plain and simple.  Helping others helps your soul heal more quickly than any other source for healing.  Giving to others is not just volunteering at your local food bank or shelter, though those are great ways to give back to others.  It is a daily practice where you are thinking of others before yourself.  Becoming a naturally giving person is a practice and often does not come naturally.  The more you practice being giving, the more naturally it will come.

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