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How to Show Your Care for Your Loved One

It is quite hard to express love and be understood by your partner. Every person has different kinds of tendencies to express their love. Some believe in beautiful gestures, some believe in writing your partner a poem and some believe in just showing how much you love them physically. But what is your partner expecting from you? Maybe they don’t really want a big gesture, some kind words would make them feel loved. 

I’ve seen many people who just crave for other persons’ time and are always complaining that they don’t get sufficient time nor the right amount of attention. Now, when you’re in love with someone, there are people expecting things from you. People expect to be loved and treated that way. The easiest way to understand your partner’s expectations is by exploring them and knowing their likes and dislikes. 

Ask them to show you their favorite romantic movie and learn how the other person is being treated, I bet you’ll understand them better. 

Pay attention to even the little things they get stressed out about

Being a keen observer is very important when you are in a loving serious relationship. You should learn all about the person. See how much they care for the crossword puzzle, or how much do they value their parents, siblings and friends. Look out for all the things they like to do. Learn all about their favorite food and how much they like that french bistro around the block. Take them there by surprise and treat them with their favorite food. 

Pay attention to how much they love to talk about certain things, it could be a dog, or their childhood memories. Notice how they tie their hair, how they clean up their room. Notice everything and make sure you make them feel loved. When someone sees a person noticing each and everything about them, they feel valued and loved. If she like to collect coins, keep an eye out for unique coins. Love selflessly and be involved as much as you can, you’ll get the same in return. 

Let them know about your love for them

This can be quite tricky, what else can you do besides telling them you love them everyday? Well, my wife taught me a lot in this matter. I remember her leaving notes every morning when she first moved in. She would leave cute little notes saying she loves me and we need to buy something. She would leave dirty jokes too sometimes, and I would do the same in return. That was quite beautiful for me, made my morning light up. 

Another way of showing love is being on the physical look out. Kiss them whenever you feel like. If you man is tired after a long day at work, give him up a nice bath and show him what you’ve got. There are two ways to love a man completely, either it is food or the love making which makes him jump high and low. Buy new lingerie for him and surprise him. Treat him like he has never been treated. Be his best bed partner ever. And you won’t even expect what he will do for you in return. 

Ask them how they are

It may seem too straight forward to simply ask a person how they are and expect them to tell you, but sometimes people are waiting to be asked, precisely. I know life is busy and everyone has their stuff to deal with all day long, but it is okay to take few minutes out of your busy routine and ask your partner about how they are. This might seem worthless and people might say it is “too out there”, but it actually works. 

Call them during the day and ask if they’ve eaten or is everything good at their workplace. Ask them about their important meeting they had, as soon as they acknowledge that you actually remember what you said, they will feel more loved!

Do not forget about important dates that your loved one holds dearly

Never forget a date which held importance for them. This trait is not only specific for women, guys remember dates too. They also want to be wished and they also like to be treated with love. Remember the date when you guys first went out, remember all the firsts keenly since they are very important for some people. This varies from person to person, for me, I don’t want someone to remember dates but my wife does. So we still celebrate the first time we ever went out, first kiss and all the other firsts. 

Buying them little presents

Presents never have to be huge, they only need to have a meaning full of love behind. Yesterday I read a post by this college student, saying how he asked his girl about her favorite color, she responded with the color orange. The very next day, he took out an orange basket and filled it in with all orange stuff he could find, which she also liked and gifted it to her. The moral of the story being, the basket cost him $20 but the gesture was worth a million. 

This is known to be true, people don’t want expensive gifts all the time, it is the gesture that matters. If you remember the dates, you should remember to make them a gift too. It adds value to their life and brings happiness to them.

How to show you care in a relationship

Sharing your favorite food with them or cooking something for them

One of the most classic ways to express love is to ask them to share your food. Once you’ve learned all about the person, it is time to act on it. Take them out to their favorite restaurant and order their favorite meal. Show them that you remember and that you pay attention to what they’re eating. Try to cook them a meal for a change, cook them something they like to eat. Before you know it, you’re golden and good to go!

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