How to stop feeling tired all the time?

stop feeling tired all the time

There comes a phase in our lives in which we cannot stop feeling tired all the time. This feeling of constant tiredness becomes a major hindrance in our productivity level. Somehow we know about our situation and apparently we fail to do something about it.

We fail to see things through, all we do is plan things out and never execute them properly. We lack the will power to execute the said plan we already had and millions of unreasonable thoughts cross our heads as we bow down to our tiredness.

Now, recently, a friend of mine came to me and shared his experience with me, saying that he always feels tired.

He knows he can get a certain job in a matter of minutes but somehow he loses interest or doesn’t have the energy to execute the task.

There is no need to worry, since there is nothing in this world that cannot be fixed. All you need is a bit of time and a certain will power to execute the plan.

The most basic thing in stop feeling tired is trying to make your body understand that it is not tired!

What motivates you the most?

Before we dig deep into the solution it is essential for you to understand yourself. Self-exploring is as important as getting rid of tiredness.

Let’s examine ourselves a bit and try to understand what motivates us the most to get back on the field. Before we hit the hays, think of the thing you wanted to have the most but weren’t able to because of tiredness. That’s where the actual problem began.

Furthermore, it is best for us to examine the root cause of our problem. Once we’re done with that, we’re good to go.

Now, it is time for you to explore and find what drives you the most. What possible event or being makes you get up from bed and go to work?

Once you’re done with this it is time for you to start phasing out the worst feeling ever. Not having the energy to execute your plans can be exhausting and it can drive you crazy.

Nonetheless, we all live for something, whether it be our children, our own desires or our need to be better than others. Once you’ve figured it out, you know what to do when you feel low or tired.

What are the drawbacks of being tired?

Uncountable factors can be stated. You must be already aware of the most evident drawbacks. Tiredness washes away your productivity and results in you performing worse at everything; whether it be work, school or relationships.

Everything in our lives requires certain energy to ignite the engine. If you cannot start the engine, it is impossible for you to get through the task.

Tiredness can have severe drawbacks, it can also get you fired or become a major hindrance in relationships.

Nothing to be surprised at, since you’re always overwhelmed by the feeling of constant tiredness, you tend not to put your entire self into your work or relationship.

Hence, you’re not performing well at it. Love requires work and if you don’t put enough work in it, you tend to drop out of it.

Tiredness can also cause several health problems such as backaches, body aches, and migraine as well. All these are prerequisites of one and another. Just like a domino effect, you hit one and rock-bottom hits you back.

Tiredness can also cause depression and anxiety if not treated in a certain time period. You not being able to perform well at anything is going to bring severe mental health problems to your table which you surely don’t want to dine with.

How can you overcome tiredness?

There are several ways to overcome tiredness and all of them have one thing in common. The common thing in all practices to overcome tiredness is consistency and will power.

Once you have these both, you have nothing to worry about. We’ve already talked about knowing what motivates you the most, and you also know what are the drawbacks of tiredness, so we’re almost set on the motivation part. The main part comes now.

What is the solution and how to stop feeling tired all the time? Well the answer is simple, work for it and break out of the shell you’ve built for yourself.

Start working out for starters, working out might seem like a lot of commitment right now but it is only the first 21 days you need to get through.

After 21 days your body will be habitual of working out and it will crave it. Working out gives you the strength required to carry out tasks which you fail to perform while being overwhelmed by tiredness.

Just know that you can do it and you will always find yourself on the right path.

Does your diet aid your tiredness?

As a matter of fact yes. Your diet does air your tiredness. There are a lot of dos and don’ts on our list. Before you take our advice, you can feel free to consult your doctor about it.

I bet he/she will tell you the same thing as well. The amount of junk food you eat determines your tiredness.

I know burgers, hotdogs, pizza and other things available out there make you jump high. As humans it is really hard for us to control our diet since we are always lured in by branding.

It is best to limit it, since you cannot just give up eating junk food. Chips and coke doesn’t give you the required energy hence your body thrives for it.

At the end of it, it has nothing to generate energy from so it is advised to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try eating fresh food for a change, if you feel like eating pasta, try making it at home. This will do two things simultaneously, you will work to make your food and the food you eat will be 100 percent fresh and organic.

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