How to Take Advantage of Pokemon Go for Your Business?

What is Pokémon go? Quite simply a game, based on augmented reality with fantastic and fun game play. It brings people together in the chase for Pokemon. This revolutionary game has taken the world by storm, how can businesses capitalize on this? Considering 60% of the US downloaded and actively plays the game Pokémon go is an absolute hit. It is obvious that very soon more people in the world will engage in this interactive game.

In order to make the most of Pokémon go for business as a business owner it would be wise to grab the opportunity now. The verdict is that mobile phones and tech has taken the world by storm and with this game that allow you to capture cute little creatures in an alternate reality, business owners should be open to catering for the masses.

Implement a dedicated Pokémon go spot at your business

With Pokéstops popping up everywhere for Pokemon go fans it would be a great idea to implement a dedicated space for game play. The best part is that you will become a hotspot to play the game which will attract other players to your business premises. Your employees will really appreciate the opportunity to play Pokémon go at work during lunch time. Even though Pokéstops are mostly located at gyms and you feel that you might not want to become a dedicated stop you could always partner up with gyms and other Pokéstops. This game has opened up the world for everyone to connect with each other in a totally different way and it will not only lure players but also new customers to your business.

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Where to start to get your Pokemon go spot up and running

In order to start benefiting from Pokémon for business you would need to purchase lure modules which are available on the game store selection. Once you have lure modules Pokémon go comes to life. Players will come and a return on your investment will soon be visible. It will be surprising and the influx will almost be like moths to a flame. Lure modules are for sale rather reasonably priced when you start and works well to get you started and interactive in the game.

Let the hunt begin to start the Pokémon go rush

The idea of this game is to capture as many Pokémon as possible. For that reason hosting a hunt is fantastic way to use Pokémon go for business. Tempt the masses and attract attention by starting a Pokemon go hunt, various players will take part which once again attracts business. To take advantage of Pokémon for business is incredibly easy. Advertise your hunt using social media tools which is a cost effective method of marketing which make pokemon go work for you.

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Reward active players with special Pokemon go treats

Nothing is as satisfying during game play than coming across an Easter egg. Be sure to stand out above the rest with your Pokémon go experience by offering rewards. With so many options available it is up to you to decide what to give away. Using Pokémon for business puts you in charge and makes you the person that should decide how far you would like to go and how much you would like to spend.

Marketing has never been easier then with Pokémon go for business

With so many players already registered and playing, advertising on the Pokemon go app will be to your advantage. Grab the opportunity and get the exposure this fun and engaging game has to offer. It is a proven fact that mobile app advertising is a fantastic method to reach a large audience. Almost every person has a smart phone and with the love for gaming and apps growing daily you will definitely be successfully spotted when advertising.

Mobile marketing is taking over and advertising using this method will give you as a business owner great brand awareness. The verdict is that Pokémon go and its small fluffy creatures are taking over the world, be a part of it, join the fun or lose out on the great benefits you could attain for your business.

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