How Your Parenting Style Could be Adversely Affecting Your Toddler

Toddlerhood is the most important period for your child’s development and there are so many mothers and fathers out their who are unaware of this situation. Mostly parents are still deciding what kind of parent do they want to be. Do they want to be their friend or do they want to maintain a strict parenting relationship?

Before we go into details, it is best that you decide what kind of a parent do you want to be. Strict parents spoil their kids by being very conservative about things, resulting in the distance which is not good for both, the child and the parent. Too friendly parents tend to spoil their kids into total brats. Making them quite independent yet very non serious and clumsy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to balance both?

Types of Parenting styles

  • Authoritarian parenting: strict, repressive and unresponsive towards the kid.
  • Permissive: free hand given to the kids and do not set any high expectations from kids.
  • Neglectful: they’re unresponsive to the kid because they are uninterested in their kid’s life.
  • Authoritative: they are strict but also responsive towards their kid and express their love.

Hovering around your kid all the time could do a lot more damage than you think.

Helicopter parenting never turns out to be beautiful. Being on their head and forcing them to do certain stuff of our own liking is miserable for the kid. Toddler-hood is the most adaptive stage of a human, they’re learning language, absorbing emotions and learning to express feelings in this phase. It is very important that we don’t bury them in our own desires. We as parents usually desire to make our child perfect. We want them to have a routine for passing stool and etc.

In other worlds we are expecting our child to adapt something which they do not understand, hence it is not healthy to be very strict with them at this age. Let them be of their own. If you force something, you are actually forcing them to be grumpy and angry all the time in their adolescents and adulthood.

If a kid doesn’t understand why, he would not abide by it

Extra authoritarian parenting. No liniencies or explanations given. Now you must be thinking how to answer a toddler who knows nothing but the point is that when a human is brought to this world, they know a certain emotions and already know the process of breastfeeding. This is simple nature installed into your child. So if you baby is around 1 and trying to eat objects which are not edible, screaming and throwing away the object is not the permanent solution.

Toddlers understand emotions and are very sensitive to high pitched voices. So it better to make them understand and explain them using emotional connection. They are already connected to the mother in this stage since they have literally lived and fed inside you for nine months. One more thing that parents usually do is that they throw away the object which was harming their child. Rather than throwing away the object it is quite useful for parents to try to make them understand the difference between edible objects and non edible objects. This enables the toddlers to understand and develop senses, resulting in a child who is a quick learner.

Don’t let the child go so far that you can’t get them back

Extra lenient parenting, permissive parenting style. This can be very dangerous for your child since the feeling of fear and sense is gradually driving away from them, this results in them being not obedient in their older ages and adolescents. Lenient parenting can be dangerous in many ways, it is more like you’re being irresponsible and not paying attention to your child’s needs.

You should learn to express and be playful with the child in a meaningful game. Don’t overdo your child by directly pushing them into puzzles. Simple counting and reading games can be very good for your child’s cognitive growth. You should also teach them tetris, building block games, which are quite useful. According to a research, toddlers who were taught to play tetris at a very young age show higher IQ than kids taught later.


The moment your child is born is the moment you must stick to your responsibility

Neglectful parenting. Not caring about the kid. The kid should receive the attention that he deserves from his/her parents. Knowing the needs of your toddler is very important. To understand child psychology you should completely devote your time to your child. At this age your child needs constant care and attention. They need to be pampered and adored all the time, filled with happy emotions, which encourages them to nourish love and care. According to a research, toddlers which were adored and loved to a greater extent were more stable in their future relationships with their romantic partners and their friends.

Your child needs to realize that if they try something fishy, there will be someone they will be answerable to. This sense develops nurturing emotions in them, makes them expressive about things in the future. If you ever hide your emotions from your parents, even when you were in trouble, this means yours parents were quite distant from you in your early ages of development. Do not scold your child over petty things and pay attention to their habits. Understand and learn what kind of objects they are trying to play with, every toddler creates patterns of their own, for example they will only try to eat green objects or shiny objects or objects which are shaped like balls.

Taking care of your child is not that difficult. Consult a good doctor and learn more about child psychology and raise healthier children. Mental illnesses and several disorders occur to children because of the lack of concentration in their earlier stages of life. Love and teach them love, this will encourage your child to be more confident and expressive.

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