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Ice Cube Reveals His Secret For A Lasting Relationship After Being Married for 24 Years

Although Ice Cube puts up a tough front, he has a soft side when it comes to his marriage. Ice Cube has managed to hold onto the same marriage for the last 24 years, which is not a common thing in today’s world.

Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff got married almost a quarter of a century ago, and they’re still happy together. One of their secrets is being completely honest with each other. It might sound weird, that a guy like Ice Cube can be emotional, but when it comes to personal relationships, Ice Cube is as open and honest as possible. They always speak their mind and try to work on their problems.

Ice Cube and Kimberly also support each other and have each other’s backs. Ice Cube once said in an interview, that Kimberly is his backbone and he could not live without her.

Of course, it’s not easy being married to a famous artist, who is often on tours and has a busy life. But Ice Cube had his priorities set straight and next to having a career, he managed to have a healthy relationship with a beautiful family. All together Ice Cube and Kimberly have four beautiful children.

Ice Cube had said, that although collaborators and opportunities came and went, Kimberly always stayed and he could count on their relationship when nothing else was certain in life.

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Ice Cube says that their relationship is built on mutual trust. He respects her and vice versa. They do everything they can to keep the butterflies alive and the relationship interesting. They also give each other enough space and freedom, so both can do their own thing. Ice Cube thinks that sometimes people are so attached to each other that they feel suffocated by the relationship and that’s why they leave; Ice Cube and Kimberly don’t have that problem.

The rapper says, that he and Kimberly are partners and best friends. It’s not just about sex or romance. Sometimes it is good just to hang out and spend quality time together talking about your ideas, fears, and thoughts. He says that he can be completely honest and his true self with her.

Kimberly enchanted Ice Cube with her great cooking. It is important for couples to find things they both enjoy together. So often Kimberly cooks for Ice Cube, and they make a full evening out of it.

When asked, what is the most important thing in a healthy and long-lasting relationship, Ice Cube answers that it is the respect and understanding you have for each other. He also emphasizes that you should not take anything for granted and appreciate every little thing the other person does for you. Remember to make your partner feel loved, valued, and safe but also give them enough space, so they can fulfill their own dreams and do their own business. And lastly, don’t try to control them or change them, because that is not going to work out.

Ice Cube has some pretty good advice and respectable views that we could all learn from. This year he and his wife Kimberly are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Best of luck to both of them!

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