This is What The Ideal Woman’s Body Looks Like, According to Science

ideal woman body

Is there a perfect female body?

Apparently, there is an ideal woman body but it is not the body that you think.

The fashion industry will let you know that the best woman’s body is usually thin and slim but according to the researchers from University of Texas, for a female body that is about 1.68 meters in height, the bust should be a 99, the waist a 63 and the hip is 91.

ideal woman body

Image Courtesy: David Wolfe

If in case you are feeling alarmed because of the large numbers, you should not be.

The typical woman is considered to be plump.

There are a lot of talent scouts and well known fashion industry magnates who will say that a plump woman is someone who cannot be booked for modeling and is not attractive but in the real world, it can be quite different.

Of course, it is not only about the body that matters. A lot of men also look at the woman’s facial features. If the features indicate youth, then there is a possibility that they will be noticed more. Men usually go for women who look younger than they are.

perfect female body

Image Courtesy: David Wolfe

A lot of men are usually attracted to women who are considered to be youthful and healthy. This is a known fact. It does not matter from where a man is from. He will always become more attracted to a woman who is a bit curvy and youthful rather than a woman who is thin. Two men from different places and cultures would still go for the woman who looks young and healthy.

Why are there a lot of thin models in the runways?

Thin models are known to sell clothes really well because clothes are meant to improve the clothing lines and all of its structure. Clothing on thin women usually sashay down the runway and look amazing but it does not mean that these models are appealing to men.

kelly brook

Image Courtesy: Celebitchy

Men would usually choose women who are a few sizes larger than the normal runway models because they think that women who are too skinny may be unhealthy. Of course, men would not want women who are also considered to be too large. If you want to be attractive to men, you need to find a healthy weight.

The ideal body size may change from decade to decade.

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