This is What The Ideal Woman’s Body Looks Like, According to Science

ideal woman body

The summer is approaching and many people around the world are concerned about having bikini bodies or abs. Many begin going to the gym to exercise or they prefer doing different diets like keto to shed some weight quickly. But have you thought about what if the ideal woman’s body is not what you think it is?

This might make you wonder what exactly is an ideal body. Well, it is certainly not Victoria’s Secret model body. Fashion industries might have persuaded you to believe that the ideal body type is slim and thin but science research says something else.

A study was conducted at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 which revealed that a perfect female body according to science should have 1.68 meters in height, bust about 99, waist 63, and hip 91. It was concluded that the typical woman’s body should be plump. 


ideal woman body

Image Courtesy: David Wolfe

This body might not get booked in the fashion industry and be considered attractive but in real life the situation is different. Moreover, the study says that a low waist to hip ratio stipulates low health risks and high fertility.

Beauty Standards for Women

Beauty standards vary in different races and cultures so for this reason female attractiveness has been researched and studied in almost 20 different cultures. Dr. Devendra Singh, author of the paper stated that beauty is ever-changing and superficial. 

An attractive body according to waist to hip ratio is strongly evident in many cultures. A British model, Kelly Brook has been chosen for having an ideal body. She is 5’6 tall and has a bust-waist-hip of 36-27-39.

perfect female body

Image Courtesy: David Wolfe

Human Body’s Nature

People often wonder what does a healthy female body looks like? From a scientific point of view, the natural purpose of the woman’s body is to procreate. Having large breasts and hips dictates that the body is healthy and strong enough to carry and give birth. Large hips show that a woman has adequate space to carry a baby and has the strength to push a fully grown baby out of her vagina. 

Larger birth helps the women to feed and nurture a child efficiently. Hence, it is not only about men being aroused after seeing a woman’s body. Men often look at women who can sustain and nurture their procreation.

Men’s Preference

If you are wondering what men think about the perfect female body, then according to a study men are drawn to women who have a youthful face. They also prefer having someone who is both fertile and healthy. They focus on women’s facial features as well. Men usually go for the ones who have a younger-looking face. 

Delicate and youthful features are more noticeable by men. No matter where a man is from, he would always be more attracted to someone with a curvy figure and youthful face as compared to a slim woman.

kelly brook

Image Courtesy: Celebitchy

Figures of Runway Models

So science says men are not attractive to slim bodies then why are models so thin? This is because they are showcasing the selling of branded clothes. Articles of clothing usually look more astonishing on a slim body structure. They are obliged to sell clothes and not convey fertility or bear children. 

Jennifer Lee, who worked for the head of Chanel says that designers choose models who can be human clothes hangers and present the clothes suitably. This helps them to sell more clothes.

It is also believed that men want women who have a bigger size than a runaway model. They think that a woman too skinny might be unhealthy. Although, they don’t want someone too large. Hence, if you want your body to be appealing to men, then you would need to find a healthy weight and body portions. The criteria for an ideal woman’s body change every decade.


All in all the hype for having an hourglass body is just a myth. Reality is different and science has provided proof for it. You don’t have to have a thin body to be considered having an ideal body. However, you shouldn’t gain too much weight as it has its cons as well and it may pose risks to your heart. So don’t go on splurging on icecreams or junk food every night. 

But you may eat a dessert or chocolates now and then without feeling any guilt. Have ample body fat and love your curvy body. If anyone says otherwise, tell them about the perfect body according to science and savor your dessert.

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