If I Have The Option, I Will Choose You in My Other Life Too

I Will Choose You in My Other Life Too

I always knew it was possible, something in my heart had told me so.

Maybe it was because I grew up watching princess movies and idealized relationships. Or perhaps because I have an overactive imagination. Whatever it was, I knew I would find someone like you one day.

After all the heartache, the letdowns, the disappointment, I knew it was something more significant.

If the universe had brought us together right away, it might not have worked out because I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate someone like you just yet fully.

As cliché as it sounds, I genuinely think we have to go through our fair share of frogs before we find our prince. Through the years of failed relationships that I thought would become something great, I had almost started to give up. I knew you were out there; I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to find you.

As the universe would have it, just when I stopped looking, there you were.

It was a warm Spring day when you came into my life – like the sign of something new, a beautiful relationship was beginning to bloom, and this time, things were just different.

I was mindful of a fresh start, and I was trying my best not to make the same mistakes I made before. “Don’t move too fast,” I would tell myself. Maybe hold back a little, guys like the mystery, or at least that was what all the Cosmo Magazines would say.

But despite all my best efforts, I just couldn’t fake it with you. I wanted to hold back, maybe slow things down a little bit, but the feeling was just too real, too genuine. Our conversations flowed like the Mississippi River – seemingly never-ending and always on time. Our nights spent on my porch, looking at the stars as we shared a bottle of wine gave way for feelings that I had never felt before.

When you looked at me, I knew that this was something special.

Instead of worrying about what I could do to keep you from becoming angry, like what I had to do in past relationships, I began to focus my energy on us and our story. Long nights spent talking about our past and dreaming about our future allowed for deep roots to grow in my heart. Roots that stretched to places I didn’t even know had existed before you.

Somehow, without even trying, you just seemed to understand me. Even when life through some unexpected curveballs our way, you love, and devotion never wavered. Instead, our bond grew even stronger. Like a sturdy palm tree withstanding hurricane-force winds, the trunk and heart of the palm never faltered, also if a few limbs gave way.

I’ve always dreamed of having a partner by my side who wants to do this life with me as just that, a partner. Not a superior manipulator. Not a disciplinarian dictator. A partner – someone who is equal to me, someone who lifts me up as I do them.

I’ve dreamed of being with someone who I can count on when things get tough, someone I know will always have my back. It’s a thrill to be with a partner who understands excited about life’s adventures – a man who is eager to share his opinion, but just as anxious to hear mine as well.

Somehow, we’ve been lucky enough to have found each other.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of true love that I knew existed, but had started to give up on. Thank you for loving me and all my perceived faults. Thank you for showing me that, as the saying goes, “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

You’ve seen me at my lowest lows and highest highs, and your love has been equal during it all.

Whatever I did to deserve this love, I would do it all again tenfold, if I knew that I would get to be with you.

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About the Author: Madalyn is a Florida-born girl who has spent the last four years working and basking in the Caribbean sun. Even though she grew up dancing professionally, she is often called a “bull in a china shop” for her clumsy ways. A true lover of the outdoors and new places, Madalyn is always up for an adventure. She has a vast taste for different types of music, often getting caught dancing wherever she is. Writing has always been a passion for Madalyn, and she’s made it her personal life mission to spread the love through words by detailing the eccentricities, from the unconventional to the mundane, of a 20-something just trying to figure out this life, one adventure at a time.

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