If You Do Not Want to Spend Christmas Alone, Here Are 7 Ways to Change That

As Christmas approaches, it can be a time of great joy and celebrations with family members, or it can be a source of deepening depression and anxiety as you will spending Christmas alone. But there do live some beings among us who think about how to spend Christmas alone.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas alone, then we’ve gathered a list of things that you can do so you don’t have to let loneliness take over and can still have a merry Christmas.

Here is how to celebrate Christmas alone:

1. Change Your Expectations

Christmas doesn’t have to be as perfect as it looks on TV commercials or in Hallmark movies, so the first thing you need to do is change your expectations of what Christmas looks like for you and this will be the first step towards not spending Christmas alone.

If you expect to spend a quiet evening drinking hot chocolate with your cat, then you can have a perfect Christmas by doing that.

2. Make Your Own Family

A lack of having family nearby doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t celebrate Christmas. More than likely, you’ve got some other friends and people around you that are also facing a holiday alone, so don’t be afraid to gather those people around you and make your own Christmas traditions with them.

They’ll be sure to appreciate it, too.

3. Join Another Family

If you’re not up for organizing your Christmas celebration, then try to find somebody else that you can join for the holiday. Most people would be more-than-willing to involve you in their Christmas plans, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Just make sure that you’re also helping in some way, whether you show up early to help decorate or bring a dish to pass.

4. Embrace Your Memories

One of the things that makes the holidays hard is that it reminds us of the loved ones we lost, but sometimes, bringing up memories can be a time of healing for us, so don’t be afraid to go through old photo albums to remember those who have passed away.

Go ahead and shed a few healing tears as you remember the good times and the pain of their loss.

5. Take a Trip

If you can afford it, why not hop on a bus, train, or plane to go somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go over the holidays?

This can be an excellent way to escape during the holidays and go somewhere that you wouldn’t usually go, which can make Christmas itself seem less important.

This is especially true if you’re able to get to a tropical location or one where they don’t celebrate Christmas.

6. Get Out of the House

If you can’t take a trip somewhere, the least you can do is get yourself out of the house on Christmas just to enjoy your day.

Find some places that are still open for Christmas that you don’t typically have time for and just have fun, either by yourself or as a group if you want to invite others.

You may end up having, even more, fun as wherever you go; you’ll likely be the only one there!

7. Take a Deep Breath

If all else fails, take a deep breath and just get through the day however you need to. Maybe you binge watch your favorite TV show or read an entire novel in the afternoon. Whatever you do, it’s important just to realize that tomorrow, it’ll be over, and soon everything will be back to normal. Like the rest of life, you only have to take it one day at a time.

What about you? Are you spending Christmas alone? What are you going to do to avoid having a blue Christmas? Tell us in the comments below, as we’d love to hear from you!

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Melody Cary

Originally from Michigan, Melody now enjoys working as a freelance writer from her home in Nicaragua, which she shares with her amazing husband and their crazy cat that was raised on goat’s milk from the time her mother abandoned her at just ten days old. They’re excited to be expecting their first baby, who they thought was a girl, were told was a boy, and then was told was a girl. She also recently finished her first novel and is working on making a cat coloring book.

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