Important Traits to know of a Sagittarius

From 22nd November till 21st December. They are known to be brave and confident in life. Life might throw tantrums at them but they either dodge it or punch them back, that’s how they are.

They have quite a practical approach towards life and are realistic people.

Sagittarius know the best tactics to deal with a situation and also are good when it comes to relationships. 

Before we get into details about a Sagittarius it is important for us to register this thought that zodiac signs might not completely fit you, but they are the embodiment of your personality.

They tell you what you’re likely to do as a person and how, in general do you react to different scenarios. Check out these different characteristics of a Sagittarius:

Sagittarius = intellect

Their conversations revolve around their intellect and they are capable of easily impressing others by the way they converse. Now, if you want to talk about fossil fuels, radioactive decay or thermonuclear physics, they might be your guy.

They know everything, they know how to react to your moods and how to deal with you. 

They know how to make their personality manipulative according to the person they are talking to, in short they are capable of having different sides of their personality.

They know when to hide their feelings and when to let it out, which is a trait of an intelligent person.

They know when to say the right thing and when to stay quiet.

They can read a person as if they were a short story.

They can confuse people and twist their own sentences to prove themselves right.

Sagittarius are very good with wordplay, also, they are fast learners. It might take you 4 months to master Data Science, they’ll do it in a month 

Sagittarius do have a big heart

They have warmth and generosity to offer. They are big-hearted people who will not be afraid to go out of their way in order to be of help to someone. They give all they’ve got, they know how to make a person feel at ease.

Since they are smart, so they know what to say to a person to make sure they’re at ease. 

They’re the kind of people who would steal a french horn to impress you, they know how to make a gesture. They are desperate lovers. They know how to fetch words and help someone out.

They’re kind and generous, and not only with the people they know, Sagittarius will be kind and loving to a complete stranger. If they have only $20 and someone asks for their help, they’ll give them all and be broke rather than saying no. 

At times they can be careless

There is a fine line between risk taking and unnecessary efforts. Such reckless and careless acts often leads them into inviting criticism for themselves. When they have zero interest in a particular field or if they don’t want to do anything, they’ll be extremely careless.

If a Sagittarius has no interest in law and is being pressurized to pursue the field, they would rather drop out than working hard for it. 

They can be careless in relationships as well. Don’t be on the bad side of a Sagittarius. If they give love, they expect lots of love in return, but if they’re not getting enough attention or love, they’d grow pale. I

t is quite easy to get a Sagittarius off your back, just ignore them for two days and they’re gone. They have an emotional tendency of a two year old. 

They are widely known to be philosophical

They will always be down to talk about right and wrong as if they were born to be philosophical. If a Sagittarius has opted for philosophy as a career, sit back cause a great philosopher is about to enter.

They know their facts and they know how to dig deep for facts. They would literally read several text books to know the truth about religion. 

Sagittarius are quite religious if provided supervision. However, they can easily be manipulative with their facts. They have a keen observation, they know where to hit people, they hit where it hurts the most.

Since they are emotional and quite smart as well, they can imagine different scenarios in their head.

They can go back to the 14th century in their own mind palace to experience the reasons of happenings which changed the entire course of the world.

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Sagittarius tend to get overconfident

They are not very good at estimating their skills well enough which often gets them to be overconfident about things they believe they can do. This happens when a Sagittarius becomes arrogant about their fact and is too confident that they can never be wrong.

Sometimes they are a bit of a narcissist, they can consider the entire world wrong. Mark Twain is a very nice example of someone who stood strong on their facts and doings. Everyone used to say he is worst playwright ever but he never gave up and kept working hard. And soon he proved all of them wrong.

Sagittarius often think that if they accepted the fact that they are wrong, they’re allowing others to break their ego and prove that they are better than a Sagittarius. 

They can be Impatient as well as superficial

Since they do not have time to be patient, they rely on the outer looks of things and tend to overlook the detailed qualities of many things or people. Since they can be philosophical and quite imaginative, they tend to look out realities sometimes.

They tend to make certain scenarios in their head, which are perfect according to them. They don’t rely on someone else to make them feel better, they give their best to be acknowledged as the most upright and hard working person.

This trait gets them in trouble sometimes and they get clueless how to deal with it, but sooner or later, they find a way to get out. It is a good year to be a Sagittarius!

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Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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