Inconsistency: The Major Problem of Today’s Generation


There are thousands of major problems with today’s generation. From drug addiction to inconsistency, though both are quite the extremes. Don’t worry I’m not going to compare drug addiction with inconsistency, but, the point is, inconsistency can be as lethal as drug addiction.

Do you usually feel like you’re way behind? Your peers are way ahead of you and you have no idea about what’s wrong with life? Doesn’t that bother you?

Knowing that you can not stand tall next to people and compete with them in every way possible. Well, it is all because we give up too soon.

Inconsistency has been a major problem of today’s generation and is what’s been messing you up for ages. You go to bed every night, thinking that you’ll quit smoking, that you’ll finally join a gym or start studying.

Ever wondered why can’t you fulfill all these tasks you plan every day? It is because you’re not consistent.

Inconsistency is a plague on your soul, which will slowly ruin everything you had and will ever have. There are several ways to make yourself stable and consistent, but all of that requires a lot of work to do!

The famous anime character Goku is looked up by millions of youngsters. Do you know why he is so famous and why people love him so much?

We all need someone to idealize, and yes, sometimes all we need is a person perfect in all aspects to be our daily motivation.

For me, that motivation can be the anime character Goku or Captain America, cause these men never give up. I would suggest you consider doctors and soldiers; who dedicate their lives to serve us, regardless of their own needs.

But you can’t check up on doctors and soldiers, every day, can you?

Hence, it is best to look up to a fictional character, that was written in such a way that we realize that hard work does pay off!

What causes inconsistency?

1. Procrastinating

Here’s the key factor of what causes inconsistency. We, in general, procrastinate a lot. We are always planning our perfect life through, but we never get along with it.

I always find myself procrastinating simple tasks, for example taking my dog out for a walk, or to wash my shoes.

These tasks pile up and become a disaster, resulting in us never performing these tasks. Here’s what you should do, you should promise yourself that you will never procrastinate again.

Plus if you don’t delay your tasks and perform them when they’re supposed to, your body is pumped up with excitement. Therefore, you perform the other assigned tasks better and faster.

2. Non-serious behavior

Another key factor that lays the fundamentals of inconsistency. Do you have any idea how much you can achieve if you get serious with your life and performed all your assigned tasks on time?

All of this happens because we sometimes tend to be non-serious with our life. We’re too busy having fun that we don’t see the bigger picture. We don’t see the factors which are pointing out to the contrary that we are somehow ruining our lives.

Hence, it is best that we realize that our daily tasks are important and we need to perform them in order to succeed with our lives.

3. Lack of concentration

This is something that we all need to understand. Sometimes we want to work hard and we even try but due to lack of attention we fail.

This means you need to concern your doctor or start working on your concentration issues. Once you’ve been down the road, you’re set on the road to success!

How to overcome inconsistency?

1. Start going to the gym

To be honest, joining the gym is actually the best thing you can ever do. Gyming releases unwanted stress from your body that makes you work and be consistent.

Now one would argue that how are we supposed to work out daily when we are constantly facing inconsistency?

The answer is simple. You have to fight it. You can not lose to it again and again. According to psychology; it takes 21 days for your body to develop a hobby.

That means you just have to get through those first 21 days, then you will have a sudden urge to work out yourself.

2. Commit to yourself

This is an another major problem of today’s generation. We need to start taking our problems more seriously now. First of all, you need to commit to yourself. You should set your priorities straight. That means you should set yourself to be the most important thing in your life.

Self-love is very important when you tend to grow. There is no rocket-science in the fact that you can’t unfold unless you start thinking highly of yourself. Hence, starting today, set your goals straight and work on yourself!

How to overcome inconsistency in a relationship?

The major problem of today’s generation is inconsistency in a relationship. Relationships are complicated than life, but not when you’ve found the right person.

There comes a phase in everyone’s life where they think that they can’t love anyone. This usually happens after a terrible breakup or loss of someone you held dear.

There is no secret, no scripture that I can give you to find consistency in a relationship. Consistency comes when you’re ready to be with someone.

If you’re not ready to be with someone, don’t waste their time. Don’t play with their hearts, stay put and find a hobby.

Dating is not a hobby, swimming is a hobby. If you’re bored, watch a show or do something productive. Don’t go out playing with someone’s heart; don’t make promises you don’t tend to keep.

I believe that we all find someone who loves us regardless of our imperfections. They make us feel complete.

Don’t think that it won’t get to you. Life is easy and it will solve if you start solving it. So just sit around and relax. Love will find you like it always does.

True love is not easy to find, neither it is hard to find. It just comes to you when you’re completely ready for it!


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