Indigenious Heyoka: The Most Powerful Type of Empath

The Powerful Empath Named Heyoka

Do you consider yourself an empath? If you’re not sure what an empath is, they are people known to be very sensitive to the emotions of the people around them. When empaths are exposed to negative energies, they usually feel tired and stressed out. Empaths usually prefer being by themselves because of this reason – they can’t deal with feeling drained all the time.

An empath is typically able to tell how the person is feeling based on their body language and actions. There are a lot of unspoken signs that an empath can sense immediately. Some may say that empaths are psychics, but they are just extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs. Crowded places are also a source of stress for an empath, and they usually stay away from them.

In order for an empath to control how they feel even when they are in a high-energy environment they would need to be at the level of a Heyoka.

What is the Heyoka?

A Heyoka can mirror the emotions and the actions of the people they are with. Through these experiences, the Heyoka begins to learn more about themselves. A lot of times, the Heyoka will notice things about people or see through their fake act but will not say anything about it. This empath can easily detect people’s flaws and will help guide them into realizing what their shortcomings are so that they can work on them.

The Heyoka may sometimes appear to be a highly negative individual, and people who are with them may sometimes feel anger or distress, but actually, Heyokas are just revealing a person’s true self.

On the contrary, being around a Heyoka can leave you feeling more positive. There are instances where you may feel better about yourself and realize that you should love yourself more. Once again, the Heyoka will only mirror what they see and maximize it. If you are a naturally positive person, your experience with the Heyoka will also be positive.

There are moments when they can quickly change their attitude and moods. It can often leave you feeling confused with your own emotions. Instead of trying to keep them away from your life, embrace them because you will learn a lot about yourself. Many Heyokas you will meet know what their purpose is in life. They will consistently show you the part of your personality that you do not normally acknowledge that needs to be worked on. Whether it’s a negative characteristic or boosting your confidence, an Heyoka is there to help you see it.

You have to realize that some of the lessons that we learn are not the ones that we are most comfortable with. It may take a Heyoka before you have a realization that will allow you to improve as a person. Share this knowledge with the people that you care about. There might be a Heyoka within your group.

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