Inner Peace, Mankind’s Final Destination

Out of all things in life, the most important thing is to attain mind peace. Having inner peace is essential for one to grow as a person. To absorb all the positivity around you and let go of everything which is negative and does not concern you.

Does it ever feel like you have achieved everything you wanted from life but still there is this whole in your heart, a void, a feeling of unhappiness? Does all the money, house, cars, and worldly things mean nothing to you?

According to latest research in winter of 2018, 8 of 10 Americans were found to be unhappy and unsatisfied with their life. How do you overcome a disease when you don’t know the way to cure it? Now, this rhetorical question terrifies every human being at some point and leaves them in a dilemma.

Mostly, people acknowledge mind peace or inner security after the age of 40. Once you’ve hit that mid life, depression is all around you. If you feel like drowning in a river and there is no way out, even though you did everything right, went to college, met a nice girl, had two obedient kids but still nothing fills your void, this unsatisfying feeling is because of no mind peace.  

Let go of issues that are not in your control (complaining about the weather, getting angry for world problems)

You can not control everything, sometimes it is hard but it is the only thing you need to do, and you need to learn to let go of things. Life is not easy, your friends wouldn’t want to hand out all the time, the bar closing days are way past you. Everyone gets busy with life eventually and you have to as well. Learn ways to control anger and avoid things which crank you up, for example, stop complaining about your employees, if you don’t get along, don’t force your attitude on him, let it be.

Do NOT leave the annoying task for later, in fact do it as the first thing in the morning. (if you keep delaying an annoying task it will hinder your thoughts throughout the time you leave it undone)

Try doing annoying things and unwanted tasks as soon as possible. For example, if that smelly jar of pickles has been up there on your desk for weeks, through it out. Weird and unhealthy smell also results in bad moods. Make a schedule and act according to it. Through the negativity out of your life. Wake up early and manage your day accordingly.

Know the difference between your own thoughts and what others think (what other think of you is their opinion and what you think of yourself is what matters)

Stay away from destructive people, if someone has an adverse affect on you, a blast from the past; unwelcome friend or a love affair which makes you uneasy, annoying interns or employees at work, nagging of children etc, let them be and stop overthinking about what goes around their heads while you are being mad about something. Let people be on their own, take three deep breaths and stay put. Think about all the positive and happy things in your life while someone is trying their best to piss you off.

Keep reminding yourself of the fact that the mind would give more weightage to the negative thoughts. (however, you can choose to give more weightage to the positive ones)

Negativity is a chronic disease which can lead to severe depression, and before you know it, nothing helps, nothing makes you happy. Keep yourself always ready for negativity and always push down pessimism with optimism. Every person has several memories which can lead to sadness, visiting those thoughts can be dangerous. We should refrain ourselves from revisiting such thoughts.

Appreciate your natural surroundings, spend more time with nature.

Meditation can often be a very strong escape from reality to a much more peaceful environment. Take some time out and visit nature, nature can be soothing and comforting if you go with its feel. Nature creates nurturing ambiance for the human mind, relaxing it and nourishing the thought process. Ever wondered why writers are always looking for quite and beautiful spots to complete their incomplete thoughts? We as humans usually look for peace in unusual and worldly benefits, you have your entire life to earn, use that money to visit these beautiful places which will for sure bring you closer to your inner peace and yourself.

Be a source of help to someone whenever you can (regardless of how little the help is)

Being there for someone else and seeing someone smile because of you brings a holy feeling. Trembling your heart and touching your soul, these are the moments we all live for, we all want to contribute to this world and all of was to be remembered by this world, just like Augustus Waters. Help others, start by helping senior people cross roads, or buying the homeless food. Sometimes even a nice conversation can change someone’s life.

By the time you are looking for inner peace, you have learned a lot from life, doesn’t matter if you are 21, let’s say if you could go back in time and ask yourself to make more sensible decisions, means you have wisdom so why not be a bit realistic and pass it on to your younger brother or cousin and help them do better in life? I assure you, watching them make right decisions for themselves after you guide them, will definitely bring you joy.

Eat healthy and eat what makes you happy!

Here is everyone’s favorite part, everyone loves a nice meal but are you eating the things you should be eating? Well the more amount of junk food you eat, the more you are open to the risk of heart disease, don’t worry I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m just saying eat healthy, have as many fruits as you can. You can always consult your doctor about better diet or look up the internet for a healthier diet. Meditate, eat healthy and always stay happy!

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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