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INSPIRING: What Your Relationship With The ‘One’ Should Be Like

Bob and Amy Moberger have been married for 26 years, but before that, they have been together years before.

They have been traveling together for an extended period, and in the process, they do seminars and workshops.

They have meditated for so many years, and it is only expected that they will continue to do so in the next few years. They have raised three children, and they are all grown-ups now.

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A lot of couples with grown up children usually stay together just for the sake of companionship, but Bob and Amy Moberger are different. They are together because they are in love with one another. They are fulfilled being with each other’s company, and admittedly, not everyone gets to feel this way.

The world that we live in right now has a very high divorce rate, so it is such a wonder that there are people who manage to stay together and stay as in love as they are What makes them so much different from all the other couples?

They first met when they worked together at the Street Scene Restaurant. It was the year 1983 and Bob immediately became attracted to Amy. Amy, on the other hand, was still dating another guy then so she did not immediately reciprocate his attentions. They would usually hang out every Sunday night, and they would talk about everything under the sun. Bob is a big jazz fan and soon after that Amy started to appreciate Jazz more too.

One of the most notable things that have occurred is when Amy changed clothes after work and accidentally left the clothes in Bob’s car. Bob promptly went to Amy’s apartment and handed out the clothes to the guy Amy was dating. Things probably started from there.

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Bob did not want to let Amy go, so he made all the effort to show that he was truly into her. He attempted to see her often. He wanted to ensure that they would always be together and he was even the one who brought Amy home once she is done studying. They had a long relationship together. A couple of those, they lived in together. People will be surprised to know that they even broke up for a year before they got back together and eventually got married.

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They realized that they were in love with each other during the year that they were apart. Amy found it hard and Bob found it hard to. It was Bob’s grandmother that probably made it possible for them to get back together again. It started on a Sunday, once again, but this time, it is for breakfast.

Bob says that the moment he saw Amy, he already knew that he was the one for her. He usually did not want to go with other women more than once or twice, but the moment that he saw Amy, he already told everyone that she was going to be his. Even though she had a boyfriend, he truly made an effort to make him the one for her.

How to Make the Relationship Permanent

Like any other young man, Bob said that he did his share of bad things, but he realized that he did not want to lose her, so she made sacrifices. He made choices that would make him the happiest man. They encountered a lot of heartaches together, and at times, they felt that the relationship is going nowhere, but because of love, they felt like they were each other’s home.

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What people should understand when they are in a relationship is that they are expected to do great things. They are supposed to reach things on their own. They should not be stopped from doing things that they want simply because they are in a relationship. Partners should teach each other to grow and become better.

Some Practices They Have Done to Keep the Relationship Great

They made an effort to make their relationship special. They would take the tub together and drink champagne. When they had kids, they all went into the tub together. Other things they did are the following:

  • They had a weekly date night.
  • They learned transcendental meditation.
  • They normally do different things that make them excited about being together.

They made sure that they regularly ask themselves if they are the best that they can be for themselves and each other. They want to ensure that they are always communicating with each other because without proper miscommunication, this is the time when problems will start to arise.

Men should realize that women need to be listened to. Men and women both need to understand that they should be aware of what they need. By having some conversations, it will be easier for both men and women to know what is happening.

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Feminity and Masculinity

It seems that men and females have no concrete understanding of what feminity and masculinity means. They are times when women are just happy while there are also times when they just do not feel right no matter what they do. There are days when they need to feel loved and days when they need to be left alone.

Being masculine on the other hand requires doing various things around the house and being able to protect others. A man should be able to look into the situation and determine what the best option is going to be. If the best solution cannot be determined yet, the man should be aware of the different options in general.

What people should remember is that being feminine and being masculine emanate power and not one is better than the other.

Common Mistakes Men Do in Relationships

These are some of the mistakes that men make that can jeopardize the relationship:

  • They assume that relationships are always about give and take. This means that when a man gives, a woman should give as well.
  • Not believing that women can do the things that men can do. Not believing in your partner’s capabilities will lead to so many issues.
  • Being inconsistent. If there is one thing that women want, it is to find someone who will consistently show them that they are important and special. Once they find that person, she will never let that person go.
  • Worry too much about what other people think about the relationship that they are in. You should remember that it is you who is in the relationship and not someone else, you should not think of how they think. Concentrate on your partner and things will be okay.

Common Mistakes Women Do in Relationships

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Love is always a two-way street. A woman is inclined to make mistakes as much as a man does. Here are just some of the common mistakes that women make:

  • Pretending that they are someone that they are not.
  • Rushing into things sexually because they assume that it is what men want.
  • Over thinking about things that are just simple.

Once men and women realize these mistakes, it does not mean that things are going to be smooth sailing. In fact, there are still going to be a lot of challenges. What couples should do is not give up on each other. They can cling to the love that is there so that they can start seeing things the same way again.

The Need for Personal Development

Men and women have to realize that to be the right partner for someone; they should make an effort to be the best people that they can be. There are different ways to do that. Bob and Amy made sure to practice meditation together, and it worked for them. The reason why it worked so well is that they were doing it together. It is important for couples to understand that it is never okay when only one person does the work. For a couple’s relationship to work, they should both work for their common goal.

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There is also need to set aside priorities. There are moments when a man would need to be his friends. There are also times when men and women need to be together. It will all depend on how priorities will be set.

Making Relationships Last

Some key ingredients will ensure that relationships are going to last:

  • Surround yourself with other people who are also positive. If the people around you would not be active, the connection may fail.
  • Make sure to get rid of doubts. When a person is not whole, and he/she enters into a relationship, doubts are bound to occur.
  • The couple is in control of how they want to live. They can either live in happiness or sadness.
  • Communication is essential.
  • Set goals together and celebrate whenever you reach those goals.

If there is one thing that you should remember, it is this: you should not look for your “the one.” Allow yourself to be found and remember that being with the one still takes a lot of work.

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