Internet Addiction And Its Deleterious Impacts On Our Lives

It is a famous saying that the addition to anything is bad. Similarly, doing something more often is not good even if it is as healthy as drinking water. In today’s world, many of us are highly addicted to the use of phone and spending more and more time on the internet.

The menace of overly using the internet is wreaking havoc on our lives, which usually we cannot feel and see. According to Wikipedia,  as of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population has internet access most of them use internet uninterruptedly.

Undoubtedly, the world is getting globalized with the flying pace and connectivity with others is becoming easier than ever, the repercussions of this globalization are accelerating too.

From adolescents to octogenarian, all and sundry are becoming the victim of internet addiction. The normal use of smartphones and the internet is not something to worry about, but the overuse.

What exactly the Internet Addiction is?

Are you addicted to playing video games on the internet, such as PUB G? Do you Shop more online? Do you check your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp intermittently? Above all, are your these habits affecting your loved ones and relationships?

If yes then sadly you are addicted and are suffering Problematic Internet Use (PIU), iDisorder or Compulsive Internet Use (CIU).

The problem does not occur if you watch YouTube, use social media applications and sometimes shop online, it occurs when your online activities interfere with your general life and relationships. Dating apps, songs app, online gaming, and social media are some of the platforms on which people are prone to addict more.

How one gets the obsessive user of internet

Just as other addictions internet addiction has several causes. The cardinal causes are discussed below.

You are alone: People who do not have anyone to listen to or speak to finds solace on the internet and on their phones.

You want to impress others: If you upload various updates on your social media apps, such as your pictures videos impressive quotes or a snap of going to lunch, etc you want to impress others and an avid user of the internet.

You are living an aimless life: When you do not have a bigger and a positive goal, you kill your time on digital social applications

You are a flirt: Most of the people spend their time on the internet just to build more and more relations girlfriends or boyfriends to amuse themselves. such people spend more time on dating apps.

You do not value your corporeal relations: The internet devotees are often the one who does not value their relations with family and friends this is what yanks them to live in a digital world.

You lack a productive mindset: those people who are innovative and want something greater in life will never become prey to the overuse of the internet. If you lack any productive purpose you may enlist yourself in the ” excessive internet user list”

Terrible impacts of spending more time on the internet

You will Develop an Internet Addiction Disorder:

In this disorder, your brain works the same as the brains of drug and alcohol addicts. The Disorder mainly affects the quantity of white and grey material in areas of the prefrontal cerebrum. The prefrontal brain performs the action of memory, consciousness, devising, retaining items and designating duties.

That is why an avid user of internet prioritize internet use on the top and left behind all the significant aspects of life. In such cases, the Internet becomes the controlling factor of your mind, and increase your dependence on digital life.

Your relationships will deteriorate:

If you are a parent, you will lose your love and dignity in your children. If you are a husband, you may lose the adoration from your wife. If you are a child, you may disturb your parents. In all the cases, you will worry your loved ones due to your negligent attitude.

Have you ever wondered when we sit around our family, most of the times we are stick to our phones and undermine important talks of our dear ones? The overuse of smartphones will make your lovers feel unattached and ill-treated.

Depression and Anxiety:

The habitual user of the internet is 90 % more likely to become the victim of anxiety and depression than an ordinary person. The anxiety develops when you continuously wait for the messages of others to reply to you. Posting random stuff and getting concerned over the adoration or bad comments you are going to receive on your posts will make you anxious.

Similarly, the usage of smartphone and internet will gradually aggrandize your anxiety level and make you develop permanent anxiety and depression disorder. Studies suggest internet addiction is are becoming the topmost cause of mental illness.

You may practice mindfulness meditation to curb your anxiety and depression

You will lessen you pleasure hormones:

Internet addiction affects the pleasure hub of the brain. The addiction sparks discharge of dopamine a pleasure hormone to spur the pleasing experience. This will drop your level of serotonin and dopamine as opposed to the normal people.

The more you become addict the more you lose pleasure hormones, this aggrandizes your addiction and for getting more pleasure you start going deeper and deeper in the digital world.

It affects your work life

When you continuously live in the digital world, your addiction soars and your focus shifts. This overuse of internet hampers your work life in multiple ways. You may be sitting in the office but are scrolling through your news-feed on Facebook.

Similarly, many eager users of social media posts pictures while they are working and that hinders their way towards their work. You can read this report to see how managers and employees wasting their time on social media. Reciprocally, it diminishes your performance in work and it may become the cause of your dismissal from your office. Not only office work, but house chores, grocery; your duties as a parent, son, husband or wife also get disturbed owing to the digital world you live in.

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Chad Stevenson is an entrepreneur, husband and a father of three beautiful daughters. Time to time, Chad takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves and is surrounded by in life. Chad, currently living in Orlando, Florida, loves outdoor activities with his family and has almost made 7 trips to Disney in the past 10 months.

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