Jam Skater Shares Story of Recovery to Inspire Others Battling Addiction

Life can be hard.  But hitting rock bottom does not mean that life is over.  You just have to pick yourself up and get back up on that horse.  A perfect example of overcoming life’s trials and tribulations is Cory Cooper.  Cory is a recovering addict that is using jam skating to help him keep on track.

Jam skating is a combination of break dancing, gymnastics, hip-hop, alternative – any type of dance really that can be done with roller skates.  Cory has attributed jam skating as his saving grace during his difficult time.  As a child, Cory was surround by substance abuse – both of his parents were addicted to drugs and drugs were ultimately what took both of their lives.

When his parents died, Cory Cooper did not know how to grieve the loss of his parents and did know how to reach out or even begin to look for support.  So he did what felt natural and turned to the same substance abuse that took his parents from him.  While down this road, he also managed to get himself into quite a bit of trouble resulting in him spending several years in jail.

Cory recently is out of jail and has been placed on probation, but instead of slipping into bad habits, he is using his love of jam skating to keep him on the right path.  He believes it is a positive influence because he has a safe place to go on Fridays and Saturdays where he is free from the temptation instead of falling back into his old routine with old negative influences.  He is using jam skating as his sobriety.

In his interview, he shared that he is in intensive out-patient treatment at Blue Ridge Behavioral Health where he has mandatory classes five days a week for four hours a day.  After class, he then has one-on-one counseling and NA, Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

While Cory is getting the help he needs, he is also working to help others who are trying to tackle their struggles by helping them get back up on their house.  He encourages others to just focus on this one day and expresses to them that no matter what, you have to just keep pushing forward.  That no matter how difficult it may seem, nothing is too difficult to overcome.

Through the help of his treatment center and encouragement from others, Cory will begin to turn his life around.  He also is performing at Roanoke’s Got Talent and will use his story to help others get the help that they need.

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, go to to get more information about how you can get help for yourself or others.  Let Cory’s story be an inspiration to you and help you move down the path toward getting help before you wind up hurt or in jail.

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