Journey from A Follower to A Leader: Guide to Becoming a Boss Bitch

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell

The journey from a follower to a leader can be quite transformative as you unleash the boss bitch inside you! What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear of the term ‘boss, bitch?’ Does it ring a bell or make you remember that voracious, strong-headed, bold boss of yours who would do anything to get her way. Her upright physique and body language oozing with confidence were just about enough to intimidate anyone.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, most people tend to draw a negative picture in their head when they hear this term. However, personalities that embody great leadership skills can lead to unwilling followers and convince them of their charisma and magnetic personality.

Their high-spirited personas and the dream to be their own boss someday drives them to achieve unprecedented heights. Their work sends a rush of adrenaline through their veins as they are highly determined and committed to their purpose.

Leadership comes naturally to them, and over time they have learned to master the art of putting up the greatest show when it comes to showing the world: who’s the boss!

If you are one of those individuals struggling every day to come to terms with your inner resilience, you’ve got to believe in the power of your dreams and keep hustling. Have you ever asked yourself – is a good leader, a good follower? As Aristotle said, “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” Remember, in such instances, you’re a leader-in-training, not a follower.

Isn’t it something to ponder upon, that some of the most successful leaders believe in delegating power. Successful leaders create more leaders as a legacy and do not only focus on concentrating power in their own hands.

“If you want to win in the 21st century, you have to empower others. Making sure other people are better than you. Then you will be successful” – Jack Ma.

As bizarre as it might sound right now, it is one of the secret sauce on how to become a leader instead of a follower.

Let me enlighten you on how you can identify that spark in you and walk the leadership walk.

Lead By Example

“Did you see how Mary made her position in the Head Office, in a matter of a few months. She just came as an intern, and now the boss is considering putting her in charge of the product development team.”

Such are the things you hear about people who have a ‘boss bitch’ personality. They do not need a job title to exhibit their leadership skills; instead, they know how to lead by example from whichever position they are placed in.

They are self-motivated and they set the bar high with their work, are extremely particular about work ethics, and display high emotional intelligence when encountered with adversity.

The aura around their personality inspires others as they work to create win-win situations. Their journey from follower to leader is super smooth as if they were born to take over.

Speak The Language of Confidence

How to become a leader instead of a follower can be easier said than done! However, leaders wear the armor of confidence at all times. They do not necessarily have to be a pro in whatever they do, but they surely know how to create their own unique identity and stand out from the crowd. They know how to kill the negative energy around them and put forth the best version of themselves.

“Your success will be determined by your confidence and fortitude.” One of the truest words ever spoken by Lady Michelle Obama. When you adopt a can-do, go-getter approach, things automatically start falling into place.

It’s about developing the leadership mindset versus follower mindset. It’s like seeing the world from two different lenses. While one is proactive, the other is reactive—optimism versus pessimism. Followers work by a to-do-list, whereas leaders see a limitless sea of possibilities.

Focus More On the Outcomes, Than The Steps

It’s the end goal, the destination, and the vision to achieve greater things that mobilize people towards a shared objective. A person who embodies true leadership knows how to navigate their way through the rough waters and not be let down by any roadblocks.

They are motivated from within, are true team players and would go above and beyond their basic role to achieve the impossible. Their relentless passion and openness to change equip them to take the lead.

They take every failure as an opportunity to learn and bring them closer to their end goal. A sassy, self-made, visionary leader knows how and when to be assertive and when to take the back seat and let others do their job.

Well, one thing that can be said for sure is that being a boss bitch is not an overnight process. You need to invest all your energies and make concerted efforts towards making the most out of your careers and personal lives.

Have a clear-cut perspective on where you see yourself; do you wish to kick-start your own venture, be an innovator leader in your niche, or lead the marketing department.

You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream. Your dream will lead you to what you want to be.”

 – Michael Dell (Founder and CEO of Dell)

There’s not one secret strategy to make the transition from a follower to leader, but you certainly can emulate those characteristics in your personality as much as you can. You need to ignite your innate repertoire of skills and talent and channel it in the right direction to reach the pinnacle of success.

Choose the trajectory you wish to follow, keep feeding your passion, take inspiration along the way, and have a full-blown attitude that propels you up the corporate ladder. As long as you are ready to face challenges head-on and not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, nothing can deter you from being the idle example of a boss bitch; people aspire to be.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Condoleezza Rice, Elizabeth Warren, or Sheryl Sandberg? You just need to delve deeper into yourself and leverage your inner talent to overcome your insecurities and put your best foot forward.

You’re your own boss, and nothing can stop you from securing that spot you’ve been eyeing forever now! Never underestimate the power of the mind to help you achieve your desired result.

“I think that many of my lessons have been around being authentic as a leader, being fully who I am as a person, and allowing that authenticity to shape my leadership style.”

Stacy Brown – Philpot, CEO, TaskRabbit

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