According to Scientists, Kids Born with Big Heads Are More Likely to Succeed

All of us are different. In addition to having different personalities, thoughts, and beliefs, we also have different bodies. Some people are tall; some are petite, some are slimmer than others and so on. Some people tend to have larger heads than the rest of us. This might look like an unfortunate, but actually, scientists have said that children, who have big heads, tend to become more successful later in life.

It might be an everyday struggle to find the right hats and shirts, which fit over the huge head of your child. Others might even look at you weirdly because the head seems so out of proportion but just wait a few years.

The child with the huge head will grow, and then the head will not seem as big anymore compared to the rest of the body.

On the positive side, scientist studied the subject of big heads and discovered that the size of a head is connected to the level of intelligence. Scientist analyzed the sample of 100 000 Britons. The data from UK Biobank revealed a direct correlation between brain volume, head circumference, and levels of intelligence.

The scientists discovered that the larger the infant’s head is, the smarter he/she will be as an adult. The data was particular, and the scientist could even predict if a child was smart enough to go to the university or not.

One of the professors of Edinburgh University, Ian Deary, who was also part of the study, said that the most important thing about the study was the discovery about the cognitive skills sharing genetic influences with brain size, body shape, and educational attainments. He also said that there are shared genetic influences between cognitive abilities and physical and mental health states.

So how to even know, if your infant has a large head? Well, the average size of a newborn’s head is 36 cm for boys and 35 cm for girls. If your kid has a more significant head be grateful because the future seems to be bright and prosperous for him/her.

It can be a pain in the ass to have a larger head than the average person. You will not find the right size hats, sunglasses nor shirts that fit over your head. You might also be insecure about the way you look, but remember that each of us is unique.

We all have our flaws and strengths. Plus, do not forget what the study discovered – larger heads mean that the person is more intellectual, and who can be sad or insecure about that?


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