Know These 5 Things Before You Date a Virgo

All the legendary Virgos are born between august 23rd and September 22nd. And to be honest, Virgos are very arrogant and stubborn once they are in love. They will do whatever they can to have the person, even chase you around at train stations if they have a massive crush on you. This is creepy but adorable as well, I for instant like if my lover was a Virgo. Taurus is the most compatible sign for a Virgo, they make the most dynamic couple, whether be emotionally or physically. Taurus have a strong sensual taste and like to explore Virgo, on the other hand, Virgos like to be explored. Thus, making them a strong couple.

Love compatibility matters a lot when you’re in it for a long time. Countless reasons can apply when you’re in a committed relation to keep things good and steady. To keep your commitment as close as possible you need to learn everything about your partner. From their favorite movies to their favorite books. You should know it all, because when life throws tantrums at you, you should know how to calm you partner down. Today we will be discussing the best zodiac signs compatibility and how you should tackle a sign while being with them.

Don’t tell a Virgo to hurry, they take their time being analytical

Don’t simply call them an over thinker, it goes beyond that. Virgos like to consider all possibilities before settling for the one. They might be taking up your time but if you’ve chosen a Virgo, you signed up for this. Being patient is essential in such cases, let them be, let them explore their way around and be steadfast. If you stay calm and take things slow, you’ll understand how a Virgo works and thinks. All Virgos need is attention and constant love. You go one day without checking up on them, they’ll consider you fell out of feelings for them. If you really like them, pal I would recommend you sit back and enjoy. This is going to be a bumpy ride.  

One life goal of a Virgo is Perfection

It all links up, they are analytical because they want things to be somewhat perfect. However, they also know very well that there’s no such thing as complete perfection, so if you were planning to disclose this truth to a Virgo, don’t. Perfectionist is their second name, they like things to be perfect. They want their first kiss to be at some beautiful park, a lake or a beautiful rooftop. Don’t make memories with them on the backseat of some cab. They like to wait and pick their romantic moments. They like to grasp the real romantic in you. Even if you’re planning a surprise or a big gesture, make sure you plan it perfectly. Never indulge in word play with a Virgo, it might end up bad, they don’t like to argue with their own thoughts. They won’t impose their decisions on you, they are quite open minded, but they will always think that they were right and you should’ve listened to them.

You will have to get used to their constant critical self evaluation

Not just get used to it, you are going to have to put up with it like a pro. If you make the mistake of taking this thing about Virgos as some trick for fishing compliments, then you will not be ending up in peace with that Virgo. Talk about reassuring someone all the time, that’s the kind of love Virgos really like. If it’s a Virgo girl she will always like to be told that she is beautiful. She would expect compliments even when you think it is not necessary, even in bed. Yes. So, whenever a Virgo ask how they’re looking or how the food is, which they recommended, say it is perfect. Keep encouraging them, they are always looking for compliments and appreciation. They love to be told that someone is proud of them. Keep them close and notice the tiny details of their dress to compliment them.

Virgos pay attention to little details, the ones others might not even notice

It’s something about Virgos and their excitement for little pleasing details. If you want to keep your Virgo happy, introduce them to exciting and interesting details hidden under normal stuff. So, if she asks what if you had lunch, don’t just tell her that you did, tell her all about it. The whereabouts and everything. They want to know everything in detail. If you tell them you were with some friend, they need names and details of the conversations. They are quite the jealous type. If you mention some coworker and stopped talking about her, she will start to wonder who she is and what do you guys talk about. Then she will stalk you like CIA and probably try everything to screw it up. Don’t keep secrets from Virgos, it can turn out be very ugly once they find out. Make them your confidant and feed them up with every kind of information there is about your day.

However, a Virgo would never be full of themselves

If they do appear to be full of themselves, it’s a disguise! Virgos are actually very modest and have respect to offer. They don’t actually consider themselves as the best star sign there is, they just tend to get mistaken for that very often. The can be narcissist sometimes, so it is okay. They just want to be heard and paid attention to, so just be a good listener around them. If they are telling you about their day, just sit close and hear all about it. If they had a fight with a friend or coworker, support her indefinitely and just let them pour their heart out. Virgos can sometime confine their heart and hide things but you should know how make them at ease so that they can share everything with you. Virgos are lovable and loyal, if you’ve found her, don’t let her go.


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