Don’t Delay Finding out Who You are

Knowing who you are and finding out the reason you were born to fulfill is one of the most essential tasks a human has to perform. We usually spend our entire life doing something we aren’t supposed to do.

Someone who is a great painter was forced to become an engineer or a doctor. Our society has lost the will to grow. People have to abandon their likes and dislikes for problems like money and lack of support from their parents. 

This is one of the saddest realities of our society that now a days, when education is the most important goal of your life, yet we fail to explore our options.

Either we are surrounded by people who don’t let us find ourselves or we don’t give us a try. I say, we should start exploring ourselves.

Every individual is unique in his/her own kind. We should learn to shape our personalities the way we want ourselves to be, rather than an investment banker, doctor, lawyer or an engineer. 

Let this article help you in specifying the key points one needs to explore themselves. 

Personal development is more important than you think

(Imagine finally being close to what you want but not being able to use your full potential to achieve the success. Personal development can help you stand with your full potential.)

Many people know what they want to be by the age of 15. I wanted to be an astronaut but high school changed my mind, by stating how only a few people qualify, so I never had the energy to actually apply and see.

I know a friend who wanted to go to film school but she didn’t, since all the good film schools were expensive as heaven. 

Explore your past, think about what you wanted to do. Which thing moves you the most, is it painting or programming? If you answer is any of the both and you’re doing the opposite, you’ve got life wrong.

Yes programming might be paying you well, but painting just feels right.

Take a leap of faith and sketch out your future. Life with no regrets is a life lived. 

It helps you become more independent in your life

Knowing yourself can help you in deciding what is best for you, by yourself. Becoming independent here is metaphorical. Independent of what others imposed on you, or what time had in store for you, you can always change that. Be independent of those thoughts. 

Cleanse your thinking process. Your thinking process should bring your soul to ease. Peace is our final destination. Stop chasing money and success.

Trust me if Bill Gates decided to be a footballer, world would’ve been a different place and he wouldn’t be “Bill Gates”. Everyone has their own gig, find yours. 

Knowing yourself helps you in loving yourself

Love yourself, be confident. Loving yourself takes you to a whole new level, makes you confident and proud of yourself. Once you start loving yourself, petty things like money, status, cars etc won’t bother you anymore.

You’ll be confident and ready to do anything to make sure you live happy. 

Let’s take Chandler for an example. He used to do “Data reconfiguration and statistical analysis” but he quit his job to find a career in advertising.

After finding a job in advertising he claimed to be happier than he was at his previous job. Even though he was making a lot of money before and data analysis is still one of the most highest paid jobs all over the world but he had the will to quit.

Find the will to quit and you’ll have the push to do something outstanding. 

Satisfaction about yourself makes you a better companion

According to research, people who are satisfied with their careers and future are more successful as a husband/wife or as a companion. When you are a happy person who is free from all kind of stress, you tend to make strong relationships.

When you are not stressed about work, you concentrate on your life and give proper time and attention to your loved ones. As much as I have studied the subject of love, I found that the more time you spend with your loved ones, the stronger the relationship grows

When you are happy, you tend to make gestures for your friends or loved ones. You take flowers for your lover, take them out and treat them nicely. When you are stress free, you tend to be jollier with friends and family. 

Self satisfaction is also good for you health. Statistics show that people who are happier and satisfied at their job, tend to live a long and happy life rather than the people who make a lot of money but are always stressed about work and life. 

Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker is a writer, entrepreneur and a father. Daniel takes on digital platforms to write about his feelings and thoughts towards everything he loves. Daniel, currently living in Dallas, Texas and loves outdoor activities with his family.

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