In Conversation with a Genius: Lamonte Tales Goode!

An excerpt from Lamonte Goode’s website:

“Lamonte Tales Goode is a self-taught dancer who integrates a diverse range of influences into a vibrant and innovative style of movement. Drawing from his background in break dance, hip-hop, acrobatics and yoga, Lamonte Goode has created a signature fusion style of gravity-defying balance and dance moves that captivate audiences wherever he appears.

Inspired from a young age by the choreography of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil, Goode began performing worldwide in live showcases and dance competitions in 1995. He has been a featured dancer in such films as You Got Served, Step Up 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks, In the Mix and Clockstoppers. Goode has also appeared in music videos for artists including Rihanna, Snoop Dog, Shakira, Wyclef Jean and Eminem, as well as performing in live events for Nike, Armani, Red Bull, and Hugo Boss. His commercial credits include Levis, Apple, Sandisk, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Nike and Skechers.”

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what are the three things you absolutely love and what’s the one thing you’d love to tell the world? 
Born in Akron, Ohio but raised in Los Angeles, Lamonte Tales Goode has been severely connected with art, dance and knowledge. As he looks around the world, what he has to say to it is simply that, ‘The world needs more peace’.
Do you have one particularly great story about some work you have done that you would love to share? Anything that moved you emotionally in your career?

Lamonte Tales Goode created CyberYoga to push yoga to new heights. As defined by Lamonte, the highlight of his career was to ‘see what manifested from it that inspires me. What moved me emotionally was performing on stage and overcoming my fears’.

When did your passion for yoga begin?

‘My passion for yoga began 7 years ago’.

Having started off working in the light of all time greats like Rihana, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Wyclef Jean. As he refined his talent towards being defined as a superhuman, Lamonte moved towards yoga and developed his first documentary video called, ‘Balance Life LA’, continuously hoping to show the world his expertise, carving more opportunities.

How does yoga help you in your daily life?
‘Yoga gives me clarity and focus daily’.

What do you believe is the essence of yoga?

‘I believe the essence of yoga is peace’.

You’re often found to be amazing at headstands, when did you realize you want to master them?
‘I wanted to master them when I was getting good in the Bboy/Breakdance scene and wanted to learn how to spin on my head’.

What is CyberSpiderman all about? We love that!

‘CyberSpiderman is another project I have in mind.Spiderman is one of my favorite characters and I realized I have the same athletic abilities and body type for it.Ive always wanted a spidey suit and contacted a company that manufactures them and proposed a deal.’

Yoga has become very popular these days. Do you believe this is an overall great thing, or do you think many people misuse yoga by not practicing it properly – mind, body and spirit? And can that lead to negative consequences?

‘I feel yoga is great for the states but I feel there is not a lot of integrity in the LA scene from my perspective. I have had quite a few negative experiences with yoga teachers and various studios.I will leave it at that’.

What advice would you have for those willing to enter the practice?

‘Keep and open mind remain humble and a student embrace the journey’.

What are some yoga poses you could recommend to give you a bunch of energy everyday?

‘Backbends or Wheel pose for sure on top of pigeon’.

Lastly, in your personal opinion, what is that one piece of advice you would want to give the world today?

‘Embrace the journey don’t focus on the goal to much keep an open mind in your practice’.

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