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8 Lessons to Learn From Power Couples

Being a crazy Sherlock Holmes fan and a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, I was more ecstatic watching the TV series. Like every other fangirl, I started my FBI investigation on Benedict afterward. That was when I learned about his successful married life. If anything, his marriage was goals. Time and again, blogs and articles would claim to talk about the ‘power couple’ – Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch.

What is a power couple? I inferred from the phrase from common sense that power couples are those who are just meant to be and the epitome of a perfect relationship. In contrast, power couples are people who, despite all odds, make their relationship complete. Despite all differences, complement each other to highlight each other’s strong points and, most importantly, love without conditions.

It’s hard not to say that such power couples are an inspiration for our youth going out to search for true love because before you go searching for something, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Lessons to Learn From Power Couples

If you’re expecting your love story to be one out of Romeo and Juliet, be prepared to go through hell as they did. All power couples stand where they are today after being tested with life together or individually. So I think many things can be learned from such success stories to have a lasting relationship.

Respect and Acceptance

Did you know, according to Google, respect is a synonym of love? It’s ironic how so many ‘lovers’ lack just that in their relationship. Falling in love means loving the kinks and flaws in a person more than their good parts.

This is one thing you’ll find in a power couple; respect and acceptance as individuals. They will never expect the other one to change just for their own convenience. The level of respect that a happy couple practices is just heart-touching.

Personal Space and Privacy

When discussing respect, power couples make sure no aspect is left untouched, most importantly, personal space. Both sides realize that they will be walking this long journey together and that they’re just walking a common path and have an individual journey to look forward to.

Commenting on each other’s personal preferences and personal relations is the last thing that a power couple engages in. These matters are petty and irrelevant. Yes, they do influence each other’s life matters but only as a support system to catch when one falls.

Bring Out the Best in Each Other

If I give you a potato and tomato to eat, you’ll probably look at me with the most quizzical expression to make sure I’m right in the head. But I give you those same vegetables as fries and ketchup; best combo ever (at least for me). Together they balance the tanginess, sweetness, and savory.

A power couple is no different. Together they strike the perfect balance and bring out the best in each other. One is practical; the other beliefs in taking spontaneous trips. One is a sensible spender; the other indulges in a spendthrift experience. With one another, they’re in mind-blowing synchrony.

Love without Being Needy

It’s not wrong to expect returns from something you’ve invested in. That’s pretty much the standard mindset. But love is like a salmon in this fast-flowing river of life. In love, you love with all your heart without the need to be repaid, and I think it’s beautiful.

In this world, where everything stands on the principles of giving and take, power couples make sure to defy it. The individuality yet togetherness that a power couple tends to practice allows both sides to enjoy their private life as well as married life.

Commitment Isn’t an Option; It’s A Necessity

If you want to leave a person, you can find a thousand reasons to do so, and if you’re going to indeed be with your loved one, then no power in this world can keep you apart. Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are one power couple that has repeatedly reinforced this.

They mean every word when they make the vow “to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.” Both of them realize that the days ahead may hold hardships or memories they’ll forever cherish, and they welcome it together.

power couple

A Power Couple Believes In Self-Growth, Self-Love, and Self-Improvement

Many relationships are contaminated by the settler and reacher theory. Power couples make sure it never gets to them. If they’re in a relationship in which one may be more successful than the other in any aspect, they don’t let it cement as a fact. They instead strive and nurture to become a better catch for their partner.

Power couples take the settler/reacher theory as motivation and positive criticism to refine their life together. For such couples, even the sky isn’t the limit.

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A Power Couple Doesn’t Believe in Showing off To the World

The more genuine your relationship is, the more the couple love their privacy. The connection means more than a third’s person validation or approval. They are so invested in living life as it really is that social media is just a formality.

They don’t care what others think, and they don’t want to prove anything to anyone. It’s all about what the two of them share rather than those 200, 2000 other.

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A happy relationship roots from friendship

One of the most important lessons to learn from power couples is that superficial attractions like looks and status are never the start of a happy relationship. What’s more critical is compatibility and companionship.

A power couple is usually the ones who have gone through a lot together and still emerged triumphant just to smile at the sunshine each morning and enjoy a cup of coffee together. To them, extravagant outings and material portrayal of love are meaningless. They’d instead enjoy a night under the starlit sky talking about each other’s embarrassing moments.

Obviously, each couple has their own meaning of being happy with each other. Maybe they enjoy posting pictures of themselves. Perhaps they love how their partner feels needy for love. But one thing that all power couples share is authenticity in a relationship. This means being yourself with the person you love.

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