The Link Between Emotions and DNA Can Change The World, Scientists Discover

A very surprising discovery was made in three separate studies. They researched the human DNA and found out that it actually is affected by emotions.

In the first study they placed a human DNA in a sealed container next to a test subject. Then the scientists gave the participant emotional stimulus and these emotions affected the DNA in the sealed container. With negative emotions the DNA tightened and with positive ones it relaxed.

This means that human emotions can actually shape the world around us. Not just our thoughts and feelings towards the world – but the actual world itself!

In the second study, the scientists researched white blood cells with DNA, which they took from participants. They put the white blood cells in different room from the participant and then they showed a video with to the participants, which generated different emotions in them. The white blood cells and DNA in the other room were discovered to react to the emotional change as well.

The DNA exhibited the identical responses at the exact same time. This means that there were not even a slight lag or transmission time, the DNA changes matched exactly the participants’ emotional changes right in time.

Then the scientist wanted to see how far they could take the experiment and tried to move the participant away from the DNA. But even with 50 miles distant they got the same results – DNA was changing immediately when the participant was, there was no lag time.

Now to the third study, where scientists observed the effect of DNA on our physical world. They experimented with photons, which make up the world around us and put them inside a vacuum where their locations were completely random. Then they also inserted human DNA there and discovered that the photons were not random anymore – they started following the geometry of the human DNA.

This means that the human DNA can shape the behaviour of light photons that make up the world around us.

These three studies show stunning results that where not discovered before! The first study showed that human emotions have effects which defy conventional laws of physics. The second study showed that the DNA and the participant as the exact same responses at the exact time which means that the DNA communicates with the person beyond space and time. The third study confirmed that DNA shapes the photons and with them the world around us.

So if you put this all together, in conclusion we can see that: if human emotions have an effect on our DNA and our DNA shapes the world around us, then that means our emotions can physically change the world around us.

These new discoveries are very shocking and eye-opening to how this world works and how humans can control and change it!

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