Listening to Christmas Music on Repeat Is Bad For Your Mental Health

Are you the Scrooge of your family; the type of person that cringes and says “Bah humbug” as soon as you hear the first Christmas song of the season? Well, you’re not alone, turns out that Christmas music on repeat is not good for your mental health.

A psychologist named Linda Blair told Sky News, “People working in the shops at Christmas have to tune out Christmas music because if they don’t, it does stop you from being able to focus on anything else. You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing.”

Amazingly, holiday music has a profound effect on keeping us focused on Christmas and nothing else. All we think about are the presents we’re buying, the cups we are filling with eggnog and the stockings we are hanging by the chimney with care.

There is a great importance of Christmas carols which makes us feel like Christmas is in the air.

However, that isn’t the best thing for one’s mental health or concentration. The Christmas season is already a stressful time for many people, and nonstop Christmas music can keep that stress front and center.

Research from this study has proven that maintaining a right balance of ambient scents and music puts their customers in a better mood which meant more time spent in a store, leading to more sales.

Different types of music can also play a role in the effect of holiday music in stores. Eric Spangenberg researched and found that slower music slowed the customers down causing them to spend more time in the store, compared to faster music, which rushed the shoppers through the stores more quickly.

But the bitter fact is that Christmas music on repeat is not good and one should beware of it.

Hopefully, more stores will take advantage of a beautiful holiday scent in the diffuser and a right mix of music. If so, they may keep their customers coming back for more Christmas cheer, instead of becoming a Grinch.

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