10 Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

kids room ideas on a budget

Every parent dreams to decorate their kids’ bedroom, but not everyone has a huge wallet for that. Bedroom decoration doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can find new and creative ways to make the room look more appealing to your kids. Adding colorful lights and wallpapers can be one way to do that.

Here are 10 other cool tips to furnish your child’s room, staying within your affordable budget!

1. Use stencils on walls

Modify the plain walls with stencils. You can use your kid’s favorite cartoon or movie character, or keep it simple like basic stars. Using different colors can also add interest. In accordance with your child’s taste, different colors and stencils can be used.

2. Your child’s own craft and artwork

If you have an emerging artist and they bring home a lot of paintings from school, hang them in their own rooms to create a colorful, and personal ambiance. You can even hang strings around the room and simply peg the pictures to it. To be a bit fancier, you can use Art Cabinets with glass front doors that allow you to add and take out pictures and can sit in both portrait or landscape positions.

3. A Starry Ceiling

To create a glowing and starry night effect, you can add glow in the dark stars and planets to the ceiling and for a more interesting and educational atmosphere, you could hang planets down from the starlight ceilings too. This relatively inexpensive Glow In The Dark Star Set can be easily available online or on local decoration stores.

4. Wall Stickers are cool too

To excite you kids, you can use your child’s favorite characters as wall stickers. Oh and don’t worry about them being stuck there forever or leaving patches behind, as they are easily removable and re-stickable. If you have a bit more space and want something a little dramatic, try murals. To find something for your scheme, visit Wall Murals, they have a large range of samples for you to choose.

5. Utilize old furniture

Fire up old and used furniture with a coat of paint. You can color a chest of drawers, wardrobes, bedside stands, cabinets, desks, coffee tables, headboards etc. To fit in with the latest and trendy color scheme you can go funky with multi-color on the drawers or legs. To jazz it up even more, you may also add stickers and stencils so your kids find them interesting and attractive.

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6. Funky Trunks/ Cabinets/ Storage

Kids have endless things to store. From stationary to Legos to car and Barbie’s and all sort of toys, a child’s room is always messy. To keep it clean yet funky, you can hang colorful buckets to the walls for stationary like coloring pencils and crayons and treasure box type trunks in front of their beds or by the side to store all the endless toys they hoard.

7. Chalkboard or Magnetic Wall

You can prepare a feature wall with chalkboards, whiteboards or magnetic paint. This can be used for educational purposes like learning numbers, letters and words plus to make their own drawings. You can buy a pint of magnetic and chalkboard paint on Amazon easily on cheap rates.

8. Build a Wall of Lego

Every child probably has lots of Lego pieces. This idea for a Lego Wall is a tidy way of making the room colorful and different each day along with storing the collection safely.

It’s up to you to use the same base-plates or different, or whether to cover a whole wall or just a small section. Securely assemble the base-plates to the wall, and let your child enjoy adding the Lego. Also, if the whole wall is too big for your child then stick up some base-plates inside frames like mentioned above and allow your child to create unique and changing artworks.

9. Build a canopy over the top

Instead of purchasing a new bed you can simply make the old one look new by just building a canopy over it. For young girls, it seems like a princess-inspired bed while for boys it gives an adventurous camping tent-like look. The material of the canopy can be changed around simply by time, which will give the room a new look each time.

10. Create a library wall

Books are very essential for every child’s upbringing. They groom kids while enlightening them with knowledge. A wall-length cabinet full of school course and extra books can be a storage saver and a great way to encourage reading.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a large shelf sticking out; you can just keep it to a few inches with a lip and place the books horizontal to the wall so as the colorful cover faces out. This also makes the books easily accessible during bedtime reading.

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