First Male Robotic Sex Doll is Releasing This Year and The Women Are Curious

Start pinching those pennies ladies; a Male Robotic Sex Doll is coming to the market!

CEO of Realbotix, Matt McMullen, has announced plans to debut a male sex robot, complete with artificial technology, for sale on the open market. That’s right; we could very well see a smart sex robot with any and all male features that you could want in homes across the globe as soon as this year!!

How exciting is that?!

As expected, the robot comes with a hefty price tag, around $10,000-$15,000k but once you dive into all of the features and benefits, it will have, the price becomes much more acceptable. The male-endowed sex machine will be able to be fully customized as per the customer’s request.

Essential features such as skin tone, eye color, and hair style/color will be available with a variety of options to choose from, but that’s just to get the ball rolling. The all too important size of the robot’s ‘member’ will naturally come in a wide array of sizes and shapes as the company says “the sky is the limit.”

So, no matter what your preferences are on the physical appearance, you will undoubtedly have the options to quench your sexual thirst. They are even making features that can be added that are beyond typical humanoid features such as elf ears and a range of other fantasy-based characteristics.

Yes, you read that right: if you want to get it on with an elf from Middle Earth, you can! The robot is covered with a very realistic layer of silicone and even includes internal heaters and body hair to make the interaction all the more similar to being with an actual human being. It may seem weird to some but like they say: to each their own!

Whether you are interested in this product or not, one thing stands correct and that is the fact that technology has gone to an entirely new level with this A.I. male sex robot. It is revolutionary, to say the least, and should be appreciated as such considering how much of an advancement they are when compared to the original silicone sex dolls already available.

Many have become quite excited to see what this robot is capable of. McMullen has even stated that they already have female customers interested and that their reasons weren’t all about the sexual benefits. In fact, many of the female customers interested in this bionic sex machine are focused on the companionship the robot will also offer.

The wheels were initially set in motion to design and market an intimate male robot due to Realbotix noticing that many people thought it to be pretty one-sided that only female sex dolls were available. Many people claim that the female sex doll objectifies women just so the men can satisfy their sexual needs but the release of the male robot should hopefully put a stop to that.

The benefits of owning a sex doll are sexual and therapeutic all at the same time and shouldn’t be viewed as “dirty” or anything of the sort. It is expected that, over time, owning a sex robot will be just as socially acceptable as owning any other kind of sex toy.

We can only wait and hope with anticipation that they can stay true to their estimate of being able to offer this innovative product sometime this year. It is important to note that they haven’t yet been able to announce any official date that it will be available. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed!

To learn more about the company making it, check how they have transformed the world of AI Sex over the past years!

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