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What It Really Means When A Man Loves Going Down on A Woman


Admit it, if the man loves going down on a woman, you want him!

It is every woman’s secret desire to have their man go down – and down for a good long while. There indeed are some men who love going down on a woman, but it just isn’t everyone’s thing.

Against all the odds, there could be a hidden meaning to why he would go down on you and only look to rock your world.


Despite the fact that no woman would ever complain about a man going down on a woman – it may be surprising that he is doing it a lot often these days and it is something you have wondered about while screaming, ‘Oh! Wow!! Don’t stop!!’ 

It is likely that you and your man were apart for a while and he just wants to give you all the pleasure in the world! And he has decided to do that.

But these are often just instances, what does it mean when a man loves going down on a woman too often? 

1. Insecurities

He feels you are bored.

One of the most likely reason is that he now thinks you are bored and feels that there is a significant lack of excitement in bed. He has this insecurity that you may feel more inclined or interested in better-looking dudes, and you talk about them often.

From a guy’s perspective, it may not be the best feeling – and he wants you to feel special, extraordinary. More so, women have often complained about not having enough foreplay or what you face right after sex, dripping of disappointment.

In his mind, he feels there is a distance coming in between you two. 

Although, being insecure is not the only reason why a man would go down on you. In other situations, a man would love going down on a woman because he hasn’t been intimate for a long time now and his sexual drive is breaking the meter.

2. Experience, He Knows It All 

This is one of those reasons that may not fascinate you a lot. He merely knows that no woman tries to avoid being gone down on – and his experience with several other women – is just something to think about – especially if he told you that he has only been with one woman, in the past three years.

3. Buying Time

We all know, women can orgasm multiple times, and once the man has, he has every reason to delay intercourse again to pump up his Mojo. As a result, he would go down on you to please you until he regains the strength.

4. Ready to Take It To The Next Level

Well, you two have been seeing each other for a while and haven’t taken the chance to talk about what the next step would be in the relationship – are you two settling for each other? Men are known to be a little less expressive, and this is the perfect way for them to do it.

5. Eye For An Eye

Let’s face it: It’s hard to tell a woman to go down as well, men are likely to treat this as a barter system where they would go down expecting an almost same favor in return. They don’t want to say it, but that is what they’d like.

6. He Loves You

Sometimes, men wouldn’t go down on anyone they are with, and it takes some time for them to settle with the thought too. Hence, this happens when they have finally accepted how they feel about you and how they want to give you all that you deserve and all that you should have!

So, in all honesty, if you find a man who doesn’t have a problem with going down on a woman, keep him and have him over. Don’t think too much about it!

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