Why Meditation Is Important At Home To Calm Your Anxious Mind

A working woman returns to home after spending hours and hours in files and documentation. Now, she has to go through a roller coaster of myriad house chores like cooking, cleaning, washing and organizing. Amid all these chores, she has to get ready for an evening event.

Now, when she returns home her anxiety arises to look at crumpled clothes that she is supposed to wear at work tomorrow.

Does this routine sound familiar to you?

Everyone can relate to the situations where they have faced constant anxiety for the piled-up tasks. ‘Peace of mind’ must be the top priority in one’s life, as a calm mind is a magnet for success.

Transformation science supports the reality that calmness can play wonders. The best and quickest way to calm your “anxious noisy mind” is to MEDITATE.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a learning process of looking within, observing things without judgement. It creates a sense of union with supreme being and gives a healthy perspective. It is a practice that teaches awareness and relaxation.

Start your day with meditation because that time you are fully aware and your mind is already silent. Through meditation you can charge yourself and teach a new way of thinking, behaving. Morning time is best for daily meditation because ordinary thinking hasn’t already begun.

Also, it’s necessary to choose one place and make sure it’s not your bedroom because bedroom gives vibrations of sleep. When you will start doing meditation at home daily it will plant seeds of calmness into your sub-consciousness. A river can certainly cut through the rock not because of its sheer power but because of its persistence to pass.

Each day, after every 59 minutes take pause for a minute and have a look at the flow of your thoughts. It’s quite incredible that its compounding effect would transform your life in phenomenal way.

While meditating, the power of positive affirmations can never be underestimated. Mind recognizes images only so if you say I won’t get angry. You will see an image of anger in your mind and it will aggravate for the next time.

So, you have to replace this statement with positive affirmations like “I will respond calmly”, “I am a calm and peaceful soul”.


Being obsessed with the number of anxieties and stress would decrease our productivity everywhere. Meditation proves to be an effective and powerful tool to release stress in a systematic way.

When we calm down our conscious mind through meditation we are able to look at the situation from eagle’s view. We detach from the situation and it helps us feel relieved.

Meditation empowers YOU

Undoubtedly, an exhaustive and anxious mind would drain out your precious energy. As an anxious mind is always full of unnecessary thoughts and future worries, that are uncontrollable. On the other hand, meditation boosts up positive energy that is the key to success in all domains of life.

When we are calm, our precious energy can be saved from spilling on conflicts and anxieties. And this precious energy can be utilized to express our emotions in right dimensions.

The famous quote, “one who can control emotions, can control life” is quite thought-provoking in this context.

Meditation leads to salubrious lifestyle

Anxious mind would lead to catastrophe. It would affect your health at all levels. Medical sciences are proving that anxiety increases blood pressure, heartbeat and pulse rate. It also negatively affects functioning of liver and many other medical conditions are associated with anxious mind.

In a nutshell, Meditation is indispensable in terms of sound physical health. ‘The deep effect of calmness” normalizes metabolism and all life activities at cellular level. Each cell radiates health and healing. Your body starts creating wellness for you as meditation helps you control your health standards.

Research shows that it is effective for older adults as well particularly for those who experience problems related to memory. Meditation is also associated with the lower depression and anxiety rates. It is also proven from researches that meditation normalizes blood pressure.

Connection to your inner self

An anxious mind disconnects you from your own self and keeps you surrounded with past traumas or future worries. By doing so, you get deprived of rejoicing and rejuvenating the present moments. Ultimately, you lose your connection with endless inner power.

On the other side, being connected to inner source of energy is un-matchable. Meditation helps you calming your anxious mind that eventually makes you connected with your inner limitless potential and power, that would help you shape your reality. The more you know about yourself, the greater are the chances of getting empowered.

Meditation helps in Channelizing Energy Efficiently

Our anxious mind doesn’t know the value of Energy we are bestowed upon. Everyone must agree that everyone has limited resources in terms of Time and Energy. So, we have to make wise choices in order to direct our potential in right dimensions. Meditation helps us to use our Energy sources wisely.

This quality nourishes further qualities in us like decisiveness, mindfulness and gratefulness. No doubt, if someone is able to foster these abilities no one can stop him from creating miracles and attracting all good fortune towards him.

Hence, it’s proven that anxious mind can create havoc in anyone’s life and meditation is the most efficient tool to calm down this anxiety. Each soul must be concerned about the place where it dwells, its body firstly and then home.

So, our home is like a paradise on earth where we can meditate to induce our inner potential and get connected with the endless mighty wisdom. Calming down your anxious mind would affect everything in a phenomenal way.

Anxious mind creates plethora of disadvantages whereas calmness is priceless. The great news is that this skill can be mastered like any other skill with the powerful meditation tool.

Nothing is more powerful than calmness and peace of mind.”

Kasey Alisha

Born in North Carolina, Kasey moved to California for college soon after she graduated from high school. Kasey has such a passion for writing that she has even bailed out on dates because she had to work on her train of thoughts. When Kasey isn't writing and is not at school, she is often busy watching documentaries about human history and writing while on other occasions she would recite Pablo Neruda at the top of her voice as if she was in a play.

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