How You Mess Your Life Up Without Even Trying, According To Your Zodiac

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Every time something demotivating happens, you will carry it with you. You will lose your mind over something that may never matter – that is everything negative. These negative vibes coming in from negative people around you, will hold you back from achieving what you can and just to achieve the sense of security, chances are high that you will settle for less.


Something that will assist you in ruining your own life is your unconscious habit to control. You can never be adventurous because your trip with your best friends was not rightly planned and even if it was, you would want to plan it all by yourself. Doing this, you will make sure you do not do have the things you could.

Though remember, as you age, you will reach a point only to look back with regret and when you do, you will hate it.


You settle. Many a times for less. However, unlike the Aries you would do it because you are okay with ‘whatever’. Since your personality suggests that you are bad at making decisions, this indecisiveness doesn’t allow you to change your job, experiment in the love area and nor let you move to another city.

But this doesn’t only imply to the decisions you make in your career, you would not even be able to decide, if it really is the right time for marriage, a commitment or a baby. You end up hurting people.

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This might sound strange, but you will ruin your life because you are too kind. You really care about people’s emotions and will certainly end up doing things for others rather than yourself. Now, it only becomes a concern when you do that all the time.

Don’t forget your own existence by yourself.


When Kanye West sang ‘Heartless’, she was probably a Leo.

You are amazing in hiding your emotions and would continue bottling up your emotions because you think it is something that makes you seem weak. This fear of losing your cover, you walk around with a facade that is not you.

Over a period of time, you begin to lose touch with everything and everyone around you because it is the hardest for you to open up. This leads you to being alone in life because you are expecting too much and giving out too little. In times like today, you cannot expect for someone to just figure out what you feel or what you think – people give up over time.

Be out there.

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Like cancer, you will put others before yourself too but you would go hard on yourself. You will become your biggest critic and begin to be the least likely person to appreciate yourself. Self-evaluation is great to perform but it is the worst when you are only looking at the dark side of your traits and hating yourself for it.

You’re beautiful, look within your beautiful.


Again, you’re kindhearted, warm and giving like a Virgo and a Cancer but you will never focus on your own wants or needs without expressing your emotions. You are someone who would be standing in the mall to buy yourself a pair of jeans on a limited budget but if, just if, someone you know points out that they want something, you’ll sacrifice the purchase you were to make for yourself.

Treat yourself, you are worth it.


You will ruin your life by consistently thinking that you really don’t deserve all the love you get from others and this belief makes you want to be alone. This makes you stubborn and you just don’t forgive people, simply because you think you’re not worth it. You are. 

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Fear gets the better side of you. You are afraid of everything in your life, afraid to fail, afraid to change and keep yourself and life frozen because you are too afraid to lose it.

Don’t fear so much that you miss out on life.


You are someone who competes when there is not even a competition happening. This is the extra pressure you put on yourself. Even if you are playing scrabble with a kid, it would take you twice the amount of thinking to lose. When you become this competitive, you lose yourself to the world and your own imagination.

Loosening up would help you understand that life is not about competing – you are amazing at what you do but not everyone is competing with you.

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Every heard someone tell you to live in the present? Well, you need it. You think too much about your past and that ends up influencing your future. You do not forgive, nor forget and you do not give second chances and no matter where you go in the world, you carry the baggage.


What ruins your life is your judgement of people. You always end up picking the wrong people to be with. You are real and mean the best for the world but at times for all those aren’t the right people to have in your life, who then hurt your feelings.

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