11 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Often Have The Worst Dating Lives

Some women have it easy – they find the guy they like and without any complications have a friendly and healthy relationship with their partner. Others are not so lucky and spend months and years dating the wrong guys. They fall for the worst guys and never get the relationship they desire. These women are usually smart, independent and sexy, so the question is, why cannot they find love?

There are a couple of reasons, why the most incredible women have the toughest dating life:

1. They are intimidating

Men want to feel powerful, and that’s why some of them avoid getting involved with very successful women. People need to earn more money and be more successful for their egos, so they cannot handle a girl boss, who knows exactly what she wants. Men are intimidated by this kind of women and prefer softer and not so confident ones.

2. They are independent and put their needs first

Guys like to be a bit controlling and dominant, but this kind of women do not let anyone tell them what to do. They know exactly what they want and how do they get there. These girls are not about serving the men, they are about fulfilling their dreams and expect someone as powerful and confident beside them, who will support them and not bring them down.

3. They have built-in jerk repellent

These girls do not any guy play them. If a man tries to play games, the girls lose their interest in a second. Also, they do not let anyone mistreat them, so if you screw up once, you are out of the picture. These incredible women know their value and respect themselves enough that they won’t let anyone mistreat them. So there are no second chances with these girls.

4. They call guys out on their BS

As mentioned above, do not try to fool them or play games. The girls will immediately know what you are up to and they will confront you about it. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and other girls as well. Do not think you can get away easily when you have done something wrong because you owe them an explanation.

5. They are a little weird

The coolest girls always have something weird about them. That’s what makes them so unique and extraordinary. So respect their strange habits or thoughts, because they will not change themselves for you anyway. If you have a hard time accepting them as they are, they sure as hell won’t take you in their life. These women are full of confidence so do not try to bring them down, because you are going to fail anyway.

6. They are super picky because they know their worth

The older they get, the wiser they become. They have seen it all, so they will not give it a try when they feel that this is not going to work out. These girls are not desperate; they do not need a man. When someone worthy of their time and energy comes along, then that is great. But they will not go looking for one and never will they settle for anything less than they are worth of.

7. They are intense

Because they know exactly what they want, they can be a little bit too straightforward. They are not willing to play games, so if they are interested in someone, they will speak their mind. Also, when they do not like something, they won’t keep their mouth shut. They are all about communication, which can be a little too much if you are not used to that.

8. They have real goals

They have other priorities in life than finding love. It is great if love finds a way to them, but they are not going to stop their life just because of it. These wonderful women have big goals and dreams, and they work very hard to achieve them, so do not expect them to drop everything and just be with you. You have to give them space and time to do their own thing because if you make them choose, they will choose their dreams over you anytime.

9. They are way more mature than most

They might not be that old, but they are wise as hell. They know what they want from life and how to achieve their goals. They also have a focus in life, and their priorities have been thought through. So do not doubt their decisions nor their plans, because they are very intelligent and have everything under control.

10. They love the hardest

It is not easy to get to know them or make them fall in love with you. Once they do, they will treat you with respect and support you as much as possible. They will be the best partners there is because they will love you as hard as they can. When they are with you, there is no one else for them so that you can trust them completely.

11. They are the ones that guys have a hard time finding

They are most likely the girls of your dreams, but it is not easy to spot them because they are focusing on their dreams and working very hard towards them most of the time. They do not hang around bars or nightclubs, as they prefer an intellectual conversation over a glass of wine anytime.

So when you are reading this and felt like the description was totally about you, then do not worry – you will find your prince when the time is right, and he will be worth the wait. And guys, keep your eyes open for this kind of girls because when you once find her, you should never let her go.

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