Music Is The Best Therapy!

Music is verily an embodiment of several emotions. Music can make you cry, music can make you happy and it can also have you dance your heels red. Music is a very powerful source if used properly. Music can be used to celebrate love, however, it can also be used to treat depression and anxiety.

As mental health is becoming a worldwide concern, we should also know ways to calm a human down, before the medic can help him. There are many ways to help yourself including music.

You can always talk your problems out with a friend, it always lighten up the mood. You can always remember the happy moments to make the stress go away. You can also indulge yourself in activities which help you take your mind off problems. You can always watch your favorite show (btw Arya killed the Night Kind) and ease it out.

Apart from all of this, you can always turn to music. Happy music, not sad songs, Bryan Adams and Lionel Richie will not help you, but sure will give you depression, I swear! Just kidding, beautiful artists with outrageous lyrical sense.

How does music help in therapy?

Anyhow the question still stands, which music to listen to calm yourself and how does it work?

Don’t worry we have got the solution.

Our bodies enjoy some rhythm
(how you’re listening to a song while walking and suddenly you notice you’re walking with the beat, rhythm is entertaining for our bodies)

Have you ever heard a song and just wanted to dance? I bet everyone got the feeling to move when “Diamonds by Rihanna” came up on the music or “Turn up the music by Chris Brown”. Such kind of songs and generally, R&B, POP and Dance are the genres which can bring the Michael Jackson in you alive.

Speaking of Michael Jackson, his music is well known for dancing and the melodious beats. You can always search for the right song on the internet, not Ellie Bilish though (that is some dark music guys). Listen to music you like, everyone has their own preferences and you just need to find the kind of music which brings you to ease.

How Our body reacts to music!
(The way we get goosebumps through a single line and how it can send shivers down our spine)

According to a research conducted by the students of University of Wessex, some beats and some melodies interact with your nervous system. Such interactions can put you in a lite mood, making your relax and soothing you.

Relatable music helps you imagine a scenario where everything is perfect and you are happy. Some lyrics just get to your heart, for example the lyrics from Endless Love by Lionel Richie or lyrics from One Sweet Day by Boyz II Men gives you the goosebumps.

“And I know you’re shining down on me from heaven..” this lyric by Boyz II Men made me cry when I heard it for the very first time. Hence, music is very powerful.

How Music helps you distract your mind

Music doesn’t only help the infected but also heals the spiritual. Several indie artists have celebrate their love of life and religion via music and have made something eternal for all humans.

Music is powerful, it can be used to inspire people, two years of music lessons can help develops a child’s brain faster. It can be used to inspire love or hate, depending on who is on the delivering end. Music can distract your mind from awful realities of life. If you’re feeling low, you can always listen to Lil Dicky, he is a very funny rapper.

How music can shift your mood instantly

How can it lift your mood? Well if you’ve already listened to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO then you already know the answer to this. To be honest, party songs are not always the answers. Just a violin can calm you down if the player knows what to play.

There are many people who are more inclined towards Opera, which calms them down. Some even like Justin Bieber so you know anything is possible. It all depends on the genre and what kind of music you like.

There is a symphony in Indian classical music called “Raag e Baarish” (Symphony of Rain) which is famous to have cured heart aches and headaches in the past few centuries. This is something incredible. Mind blowing!

Music takes you into a whole new world

How do you connect to music? Obviously it’s some lyric or a period which helps you connect to the music or songs. I can still remember playing videos games whenever I listen to “Kiss me thru the phone” on the radio. My mind goes back a decade and all the memories come to me.

Similarly people attach themselves with lyrics. Particular lyrics or songs which remind them of some beautiful times or beautiful people. Many people which are more emotional and caring, carry a playlist of such songs with them, just to be reminded of the lovely memories when needed.

There are symphonies on the internet which have specific works. For example if you want to concentrate while studying, there is a symphony for you which can help you concentrate way better than usual. Ironically there is music which can put you in a romantic mood as well.

Most importantly there are several symphonies which can help you reduce stress, check out this Japanese way of reducing stress in minutes. Just music, no lyrics, more like a karaoke but not a karaoke. One of the most famous symphonies is by Mozart, which you can easily find on YouTube.

Help yourself and help others in need, mental health is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked! If you feel like something is bothering you or messing with your capabilities, listen to calm music.

Moreover, if that doesn’t help you, concern a doctor regarding this, stress can be brutal when it wants to hurt you.



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