Recognizing Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms of Someone

narcissistic personality disorder symptoms

Let’s get one fact straight, narcissism isn’t a disease and if you can relate to this article you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need to get help but you need to change a few things about yourself in order to be a humble human being.

Narcissism can often lead to people being arrogant and ignorant to change, they tend to be firm on their ground, which is not a bad thing if you have opinions and theories to support your belief. 

We will try to understand how narcissist person thinks and behaves with people in order for us to correct ourselves and emerge to a better civilization.  

(This is not a diagnosis, such symptoms only may help you in recognizing symptoms in order to get the person some professional help.)

Narcissistic will consider their self-importance in an exaggerated manner

Being self indulgent and self important is not a bad thing, but being too much involved in your personality can be harmful for you. This happens when people have too much regard for their own opinions and are resilient to change. Change is the only constant, change is only for our betterment. No person in their right mind would support something which is wrong, but if a narcissist is wrong, they will try to ignore the fact that they are wrong.

They might think that they are above everyone and they can never be wrong. They might put their own benefit over everyone else. This can be very harmful for the relationships you tend to build. To build a strong relationship, you should not resist change in your life. 

They will always be in need of excessive admiration

Slipping their own achievements and qualities in every conversation makes them look quite boring and arrogant. People tend to dislike arrogant people, such people have a difficult time making friends and having a successful relationship. They will always look for compliments and admiration from people when it is not necessary. If your girlfriend likes to be complimented, it is not a bad thing, but if she fights over this, she needs to be helped. She needs to realize that people aren’t very observant and people can miss out on certain things. However, you should always compliment a lady, it is just good manners. 

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Narcissistic will stay preoccupied by fantasies of power and success

If a person is always bragging about a brother or cousin they have in the DA’s office or the forces, they can be quite dangerous. No one wants to hear about your cousin at the DA’s office again and again. Such people should realize that no one likes it when people brag about their power over others. People who think they control people are quite weak on the inside, they need help. If you’re their boss and you think you own them, if you think you can tell them anything you want to, you are wrong. 

This behavior is absurd and no one should go through emotional trauma just because you think you can impose your laws and opinions on others. Such behavior should be condemned and reported if found so. Many people think that they might get fired but if someone is at the wrong end, you should always let them know, no matter the consequences. 

If you have the power to make a difference, you should always look out for the other guy. People get suicidal after experiencing stress and humiliation at workplaces. Such kind of behavior can have severe results. 

They may also take advantage of others for their own good

Narcissist people might only look out for only one person, that one person being themselves. Taking advantage of others and then letting them go can make them feel worse about themselves. This is a very unethical thing to do, you should always return favors and remember the people who were there for you when you needed their help.

Life can get tough and you might think you don’t have the time to catch with Mike who lent you money when you moved to the city. You can always take time out once in a while and catch up with the people who helped you to get where you are right now. 

Narcissistic will begin to behave arrogantly

Arrogance is very unattractive, no matter who you are, you should always be humble to people. All the great people who helped in shaping this world to be a better place, starting from Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi, all were humble and down to earth people. Being arrogant means that you are being mean to people who haven’t achieved as much as you have.

Let it be your classmates who are far behind you in the race of success or your cousins, you should let your generosity define you. Be humble, even if they have wronged you in the past, they will realize their mistakes if they had been mean to you. They will see how much you have grown as a person and how much of an adult you are. 

Being arrogant is not going to benefit anyone. Arrogant people tend to have more fights with their partners, resulting in weak relationships. Love requires trust and care, they don’t need you to brag about yourself, you need to learn to let your guard down for the sake of the relationship and acknowledge that you were wrong. Even if you think that you aren’t wrong, you should let some of the arguments slip by, which is something a wise person would do.  

They may get envious of other people and also think that others envy them

No, the whole world doesn’t look up to you. A narcissist would think that people always want to follow in their leadership and that people always envy them. Which is not the case in our growing world. Every human has a psyche of their own, they know what is best for them. So such people should let their beliefs shake down a bit. 

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