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Do Not Let Your Kids Watch ’13 Reasons Why’, Psychologists Warn Parents

Anyone who has been paying attention to the media in the past month or two has heard about the controversial show that is 13 Reasons Why.

The first thirteen episode season was released on Netflix on March 31.

It is based on a book with the same name that was written by Jay Asher, and follows a young boy as he listens to the tapes that were left behind from a girl, Hannah Baker, who killed herself. Each tape is targeted at one of the people who she blames for her decision to take her own life.

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The main reason people deem the show so dangerous is because of the content and message it holds.

The content itself could easily trigger someone who suffers with self-harm and depression as it is more than graphic on many occasions, but the way the show handles suicide is the bigger issue here.

Suicide is never the answer, but 13 Reasons Why makes it look like the only way for people to be heard is if they kill themselves. It glorifies suicide, namely, revenge suicide as a way to get back at bullies.

Viewers who identify with Hannah Baker could easily believe that suicide is the only answer they have.

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The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has sent several warnings to various schools about the show. Following this, a couple of the schools sent emails out to parents with the same warnings.

Research has been done proving that one teen committing suicide can lead to several copy cats, which makes the idea of this show terrifying to parents and teachers alike.

Looking at that research, it is easy to see why so many people would fear what would happen should teens and kids watch 13 Reasons Why.

While it is not advised that young kids watch 13 Reasons Why, parents are being encouraged to watch it for their own benefit. By doing this, they will know the content, and be more informed about what their kids may be exposed to.

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For parents with teenagers who are asking to watch, it is important that they sit down and watch the show with them. They need to be there for their kids, and offer a warning about what this show portrays. This could also open the floor for conversations that deal with mental illness and suicide, that may have otherwise not been brought up.

13 Reasons Why is likely to continue being controversial in the weeks to come. There are some people who will never see a problem with the content of the show, and there are others who will always see it as a threat. No matter the case, it does not hurt to learn about the topics addressed in the show.

After all, it does address more than just teen suicide. It has episodes dealing with sexual assault, bullying, and drunk driving. Feelings about 13 Reasons Why aside, it has given a platform for discussing some important issues in today’s society.

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