Neuroscientists Discover People Who Like To ‘Sing’ Maybe Smarter and More Creative

If you’re like me, you love belting out Adele in your car. Well, it turns out my very off-key rendition of “Hello” is doing more than just annoying my kids, it’s helping me live longer. There is science to singing. Neuroscience shows that carrying a tune fires off neurotransmitters.

They start to connect in new and different ways.

Singing (even in the shower and badly) activates our right temporal lobe and releases endorphins that help make us smarter, healthier, creative and overall much happier. And good news for all you choir and glee club members out there, singing in a group is even better for your brain and body!

Mood Enhancer

Studies show happier moods among choir singers. They report feeling less anxious, depressed and overall a better satisfaction with life.  The research suggests that being creative together is actually a product of evolution. Singing together was and still is a social tool that brings us closer together as humans.

For years, science has been trying to explain why singing has such an incredible impact on people. Many studies show that singing releases endorphins and oxytocin. Those chemicals actually relieve anxiety and stress and which are scientifically linked to feelings of trust and bonding. Those mental effects mean that singing helps people with depression and lowers feelings of loneliness.

Physical Impact

And it’s not just mental health that impacted by singing, a recent study suggests it could boost immunity in cancer patients.  Researchers testing a from a group of cancer patients and found more cytokines after an hour of singing together. Cytokines are immune system molecules that could help patients stay healthier.

Besides the immunity benefits, singing is good for your heart.  You’ve probably noticed, but while your singing, you aren’t breathing as your normally would.  Singing demands certain patterns of breathing.  While not exactly like yoga, the effects are similar.  Both activities are known to improve your heart rate variability.  (which measures the amount of time between heartbeats.)

Singing also connects you to the right side of your brain. This is the side that creates. That means things like intuition and imagination originate from the right side of our brains. Singing gets those creative juices flowing!

It’s for Everyone

The best part about these new scientific revelations about singing is that anyone can do it.  You don’t have to be any good at singing to reap the benefits!  One study showed that. “Group singing can produce satisfying and therapeutic sensations even when the sound produced by the vocal instrument is of mediocre quality.” 

How great is that?!

So next time the urge hits you, sing with all of your heart!  The benefits far outweigh the possibility of embarrassment, to you or your kids.

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