Video Captures Incredible Moment When Woman Regained Her Hearing After Being Almost Completely Deaf!

This online video went viral capturing the beautiful moment when a woman regained her sense of hearing after spending majority of her life almost completely deaf.

The deaf woman in the video, Cora Lutes, who resides in Norfolk, Virginia, lost her sense of hearing when she was only two and spent most of her life using hearing aids. Her conditioned then worsened and was told that the only option she then had was to have a surgery to improve her hearing. Cora was to receive a cochlear implant, a device that is surgically installed right behind her ear.

James, Cora’s husband, captured this moment when the surgery was completed and his wife could hear his voice. After uploading the video onto YouTube, James immediately got over 5 million views. According to her husband, Cora could still hear a little when they first met, but “after I joined the Navy she slowly got worse and lost her hearing completely”.

Despite all this, James stood by his wife and filmed her as the new hearing device was implanted and was turned on. Initially, Cora was only able to hear loud noises but could then later pick the voices.

James asked, “How’s my voice sound?”, to which Cora laughs and with all these voices around her, she states, “It’s amazing”!

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