Obesity – A growing problem for Children and Adults

Obesity is a growing problem in children and adult

Obesity isn’t the same as being overweight. If you look around and compare the two terms, people consider obesity and overweight in the same fraction.

However, there’s a slight difference between both of them. Obesity is related to unhealthy symptoms caused by being overweight.

A person having a BMI (body mass index) between 25 and 29 is overweight while an overweight person having a BMI of 30 is obese.

This is the new generation of freedom fighters that believes every ‘body’ is beautiful regardless of its size and proportions. This is a good cause.

However, medical professionals believe that healthy eating habits can help people stay fit and active. We can still support this cause and eat whatever we want but in a healthy way.

Since obesity is common in children and adults these days, the health experts suggest that childhood obesity should be treated well in the early days or it will stay with them as adults too.

This means that most obese adults might have gone through a difficult phase in their childhood. However, this might not be the only case.

How did we become Obese?

The factors can vary from person to person and their environments. Some adults and children become victims of obesity due to different economical and medical conditions.

More factors like high consumption of unhealthy foods, genetics, and the growing use of technology can lead to obesity too.

Some people can tackle obesity in early stages while others suffer from its harmful side effects that give birth to more diseases in the body.

The health experts define obesity as a growing problem that affects the emotional and psychological well-being of the child.

They lose their self-confidence and face negative criticism from their class fellows and other people. This generates a state of depression among them from a very young age and they grow up to become more distant from the world.

Not only this but childhood obesity can also lead to certain medical conditions such as sleeping disorders, diabetes, heart disease, disorders like skin infections and asthma, and other conditions.

If not treated properly, the risk factors can stay with them as adults too.

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How to Tackle Obesity?

The main concern of the parents and the adults is how to tackle this obesity and what measures can be taken to reduce its effect on the daily lives of its victims and the overall world.

According to a report named Statistics by Obesity by England, 2019, the rate of obesity among children and adults has increased by 26% since 2016 which is alarming and dangerous at the same time.

Almost 1 in 6 children are obese and children under 6 years of age are obese in middle-income countries.

These statistics and figures might be disappointing to read. However, health experts and nutritionists recommend taking certain precautions and actions to reduce obesity and its symptoms among children and adults.

Whether you’re a parent of an obese child or an adult suffering from obese, it’s never too late to welcome change and get rid of obesity effectively.

First of all, the change starts from the surroundings of the patient whether it’s a child or an adult. A child should get a supportive environment in school and follow the best practices of eating healthy.

The teachers can play a significant role in reducing obesity among children. The parents can encourage physical activities and sports to set a healthy lifestyle for their children.

It’s essential for children to take proper nutrients and eat healthy meals so they can prevent obesity from occurring in the beginning.

For adults, it can be more challenging and a crucial step to change their lifelong habits and upgrade to a new health plan.

Listed below are some effective ways to tackle obesity in children and adults:

Physical Exercise:

Having a good exercise routine isn’t only healthy for the body but it’s also healthy for the brain and the soul. It can improve your lifestyle in varied ways.

Therefore, involving your children in physical activities and working out for 30-40 minutes can reduce the harmful effects of obesity.

Portion Diet:

Many people skip regular meals and consider it as dieting. Skipping meals can increase obesity and its symptoms.

If you prefer a good diet plan, try portion-diet. Eating your regular meals in portions can stop you from gaining unhealthy weight quickly.

Infants and Children:

The health experts suggest that infants should be breastfed at least for six months. After six months, they can eat an adequate amount of nutrient foods while breastfeeding.

It can save your child from obesity at the early stage so they don’t suffer in the growing stage.

Adding Fruits:

If you want to have a snack, keep seasonal fruits with you all the time. Ask your nutritionist to recommend some great fruits that can help in improving your condition.

Cut down on Sugar Intake:

Several people eat foods that have hidden sugar. Cutting down on your daily sugar intake can save you from burning down more calories.

Try reducing the sugar intake to 10% and then to 5% slowly so you can adjust your routine accordingly.

Consult a Bariatric Physician:

Finally, consult a good nutritionist or a Bariatric Physician who can assist you in your recovering journey from obese or being overweight.

They will suggest you a health plan according to your BMI so you can eat healthy meals and follow a proper lifestyle.

Wrapping Up:

Obesity is a real growing problem for children and adults. According to WHO, there were almost 41 million children in 2014 who suffered from obesity and since then the percentage and the number is growing quickly.

It’s becoming crucial to take an adequate amount of steps to eliminate obesity from the world.

It can be challenging for parents and adults to overcome obesity and its harmful symptoms. Strong determination and patience can provide long-lasting results.

Therefore, you should start the process slowly and fight obesity step by step.

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