Pandemic: A Road to A Better You

All around the world, people are finding new ways to keep themselves entertained in isolation. It feels like we’re all frozen in time, spending a single day on repeat. The working population could not have gotten a better chance to de-stress.

However, if raiding the fridge and binge-watching TV shows is your definition of quarantine, you need to reconsider. No doubt, we all deserve this period of relaxation, but it is also the perfect time to catch up with things that we couldn’t otherwise.


It is an ideal time to self-reflect and venture out on a journey of self-exploration. Make it your target to emerge from this lockdown as a more polished and better version of yourself.

Add value to your life rather than calories to your meal each day. Learn new skills during pandemic and allow yourself to indulge in creative and constructive activities.

The best part is that you don’t have to constitute these skills as work or study. The skills to learn while at home can surface your hidden talents and stimulate the creative part of your brain. Here are a few skills to learn during quarantine.

1. Learn a New Language

Languages are the bridge between people. It allows us to set aside our differences to connect with different races. If you wish to learn about a nation’s history, learn their language.

At some point in our lives, we all fantasized about a new language we wanted to learn, maybe because of a TV show or because it caught your attention. Why not add it to the skills to learn while at home?

A good start can be an online lingual application or a TV show. Moreover, a new language can add a significant highlight to your resume. Who wouldn’t want an employee on board that can widen their future prospects internationally?

2. Home Décor

Have you ever watched those home renovation videos? Aren’t they just satisfying? Obviously, we don’t get to know the behind the scenes inconveniences, but giving you room a whole new look can be so soothing.

A change in environment is remarkable to cope up with the anxiety and depression of being locked up.

You can get easy DIY stuff for your home décor with items you will most probably find around your home. Moreover, there are numerous YouTube videos on home décor that could last you a lifetime.

3. Cooking and Baking

It looks like you can’t order your favorite take-out meal anymore. But you can definitely try making it at home. Experiment with your taste-buds and put your culinary skills to the test.

Cooking and baking can be one of the few skills to learn during quarantine. After all, food is the solution to all problems.

Also, you get to be your own master chef, discovering weird yet mind-blowing combinations without extra charges or any judgments your way. Cooking and baking are both a form of art, and you have the best chance of being an artist.

4. Explore Your Talents

Everybody is an artist in themselves. Some of you can probably sketch life-like portraits. Some of you are amazing with guitars and pianos. Some of you are born dancers with awe-inspiring flexibility and grace.

These are the parts of you that you shouldn’t let go of. Why? Because an artist expresses himself best through their art.

If you’re sulking about not having such innate talent, learn new skills during pandemic. Start photography or maybe opening up electronic devices to the very core. Find something that you can use to represent yourself.

5. Work out

It’s never too late to burn those toxic calories. Plan out a balanced work out session every day – nothing vigorous, just something to charge you.

Believe me, a few muscle strengthening exercises can never do you harm. Incorporate that with freestyle dancing and your favorite song you’d love to dance to.

It gets more interesting with people. You also stay motivated, and it’s such a fabulous way to bond. Include your partner, your kids, or your siblings and dance like nobody’s watching. What better work out could there be?

6. Yoga and Meditation

Did you know yoga has been in practice for 5000 years and initially was a form of healing? Well, that explains why a welcoming calmness and serenity takes over our body when we meditate. While we concentrate on keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit, we neglect our spiritual needs.

Get up at sunrise each day and perform yoga in a quiet, peaceful corner. You will notice how proactive and positive you feel all day, thanks to the increased brain capability and muscle movement. That’s because you channel the energy in all the right places.

7. Reading

Reading is one of the best skills to learn during quarantine. They can be novels, autobiographies, magazines, newspapers – whatever suits you. But your habit of reading can take you a long way. It is known to reduce stress and improves creativity.

It is also the best way to improve your vocabulary and fluency. All you’ve got to do is pick up a book, prepare a scrumptious cup of coffee, and get catapulted in a whole new world.

8. Gardening

Nature is the best natural anti-depressant you could ask for. Greenery and fragrances tend to evoke and stimulate the part of the brain responsible for giving pleasure. Spending your time tending to your own plants can be a great way to pass your time.

Moreover, it provides an uplifting and positive vibe to your home. The best part is when all your hard work pays off. Gardening does not require skills but a more delicate and careful hand. Besides, you can also grow microgreens at home, a healthy diet option if you want to lose weight.

If we start listing down all the skills to learn during quarantine, it would never end. There are so many new things you can learn at home; it’s all about your will to do so. If you perceive each day as an opportunity to learn new skills during pandemic, you will end coming up with something new yourself each day.

Patricia Williams

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