The Perfect Guide to Keeping Up with the Kids

Keeping Up with the Kids

Bringing up a child the right way is not a piece of cake, as many books and movies portray. It’s not how Simba grew up shaking his head to a catchy beat and living his best life. There’s no fast forward button that will catapult you 15 years into the future.

As a parent, you must learn to keep up with your kid. There are many minuscule things in a child’s life that they take with themselves in adulthood. So let these things be their assets and tools rather than chains around their ankles.

When we talk about keeping up with the kids, it’s not only checking up on their academic performance and physical health but also their mental capability and helping them explore themselves. What better time could it be than now?

Nevertheless, assuming your role as a parent can be pretty cumbersome, and the hindrances that the coronavirus pandemic has brought makes it even more difficult. Children tend to get very energetic, and when they do not find a way to vent out, they go around getting the parents to entertain them.

It can get very annoying juggling your work life and life as a parent, coupled with the continuous threat of the pandemic. If you’re a parent, your biggest insecurities have already been exposed. You’re probably thinking, ‘What can I do to keep up with the kids during quarantine? Here are a few useful tips that could make keeping up with the kids so much less burdensome and enjoyable.

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A lot can change with a shift in the environment you’re subjected to. Isn’t this why a classroom setting is conducive to learning, and a business setting promotes conductivity? In times when you have to practice social distancing and stay in quarantine consciously, it can be very hectic trying to keep the kids motivated and active. The very first thing you can adopt is a positive attitude.

It’s understandable to feel down and depressed when you’re in lockdown. However, don’t let the children feel this. Keep the ambiance of your home lively and proactive. This will automatically keep your kids in a good mood, and they would feel obligated to contribute to the liveliness.

Always keep in mind you are like Pied Piper. The way you lead them determines if they end up in the lake or a beautiful place for the kids to enjoy.

Draft an Activity-Filled and Exciting Timetable

You’ve got to admit that the level of energy of a young child is unparalleled to a working adult, no matter even if it’s quarantine. Take out 15-20 minutes every week to allot time slots for different activities, including studies, educational activities, breaks, naps, and dedicating time to the family.

Once the children are aware of the activities for the day, they won’t have time to find ways to create mischief. However, even getting them to work is no less than a feat. To handle this, you could offer incentives like their favorite dessert or an extra hour on their tablets. You could also use this time to get your own work done. Tell them that whoever finishes their work first with no mistakes, wins. This familiarizes kids with the concept of healthy competition.

Involve your kids in various recreational pastimes. You could decide a theme for the day like fruits, sports, colors. This way, you could organize multiple tasks related to the idea like cooking with fruits, using fruits to prepare home-made remedies, doing projects, and whatever you can come up with.

creative painting activity

Figure 1: A family of four bonding through a creative painting activity.

Let Technology Help You in Keeping Up with the Kids

As much as you’re bothered by your kid’s unhealthy attraction to electronic gadgets, you’ve got to admit they’ve been a great lifesaver to keep up with the kids during the quarantine. You cannot always match your kid’s enthusiasm. That’s when mobile phones and the internet come to your aid.

Use the internet to your best. You’d be surprised to find numerous beneficial sites safe for kids like audiobooks, educational games, interactive videos, and so much more. You need to know what to search for. A wise option would be getting in touch with your kid’s teacher and allowing them to guide you.

Make up for the lack of socializing by letting them video call their friends, cousins, and grandparents. It’s important to realize that physical distancing does not have to affect relations. If your child is sensible enough to operate a computer, teach him how to make PowerPoints, use Microsoft Word and other features.

Include Your Kids in Everything You Do

Just because your kids are young, does not mean that you detach them from the current happenings. Keep yourself up to date and find ways to explain it to your child as well. This doesn’t mean that you brutally put forth all the facts.

You could do the pepper and dish soap activity with your child. Let your child dip a soap covered finger in a bowl of water with pepper flakes floating on it. This will help them understand the importance of hand-washing.

Make it your habit to sit at meals together. Once a week, plan a movie night. Let your child cuddle with you a few nights. These are the moments that are extremely important for a child. A child views such actions very dearly. Unlike adults, emotional attachments are more meaningful to children than materialistic acts of love.

The COVID-19 has slowed down the world, letting us avail the little things in life that we were missing otherwise. One of these blessings is allowing us to spend time with our kids, the time that we will not be able to turn around.

These years of upbringing are of utmost importance because your child is most easily shaped and molded. Once your child grows up and experiences independence, you will see a reflection of yourself in the way you brought them up. This is why keeping up with the kids in their developing years is exceptionally crucial.

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