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5 Personality Types That Make Good Couples

The rule of physics about opposites attracting each other remains a mystery among people when it comes to dating and relationships. Experts are still trying to figure out what personality types are most compatible with each other and what are the factors that make couples perfect.

Is it the wedding vows or the undivided attention or the personality traits that many couples share through real-life situations?

When it comes to personality types, people find the Myers Briggs table easy to relate with because it offers an extensive description of different personalities and their types. They are relatively easier to understand than any other personality phenomena.

The method is used in different study fields and areas of concern to educate students about their personality types and to enhance their personality more so they can enjoy a bright future.

That’s why we have gathered some information about the personality types while aligning them with their perfect matches so you can witness yourself the best 5 personality types that make good couples.

Myers and Briggs Personality Types:

Myers and Briggs laid down the foundation of 16 different personality types. They made categories and introduced 4 dimensions to describe each personality type in detail. It includes the following four key areas or dimensions,

Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)

Extraverts are people who drive their energy from social interaction and the outside world. They are adventurous, wild, and social people. Introverts are people who drive their energy by confining in their own private spaces. They are intellectual and thoughtful people.

Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)

Sensors are very detail-oriented people. They tend to consider facts more and be more realistic about life while living in their present. Intuitivists are imaginative people who believe in possibilities and tend to have more perceptions about life.

Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

Thinkers, as the name suggests, are data extractors. They prefer making decisions according to facts and data. Feelers feel too much. They prefer making decisions out of pleasant relationships and they believe everything has a value and meaning in life.

Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

Judgers are planners and well-organized people. They accomplish tasks as per their plans and schedules. Perceivers are spontaneous and free-spirited people. They are always open to possibilities and prefer multi-tasking.

Therefore, Myers and Briggs have divided these four key areas into 16 personality types to help people understand more about them. They are,


5 personality types that make good couples:

Although it’s difficult to say which pair makes the best couple but based on their personality characteristics, let’s see the description of the 5 personality types that are compatible with each other.

1. ENFJ and INFP

Balance is important in life. ENFJ and INFP are naturally balanced and blessed people. One prefers a messy life while the other prefers an organized life.

Taking their feelings into account, INFP can have a hard time opening up to their partners since they have multilayers to their personality while ENFJ experience a hard time bottling up their feelings as they tend to interpret and express more.

These two personality types are well-suited for each other since they both have intuitions and meaningful feelings and they both encourage each other during tough times.

There can be conflicts but nothing is important than communication and powerful talk. Their energy is incomparable together and they value relationships and people more than anything.


They both have intuition and feelings. However, one perceives life as an open bracket while the other one judges that open bracket quite too much which can also become a primary resource for little conflicts over time.

Yes, they are both different and unique but that doesn’t make them any less than a perfect couple.They are both friendly and ambitious people. One likes to take up challenges in life while motivating the other to come out of their private bubble.

The other one also likes to provide valuable insights because they can be good judgers of a complex situation sometimes.

3. INTP and INTJ

What happens when two introverts decide to turn themselves into a couple? They explore new theories about life that are based on logical thinking and critical reasoning. They both love to enjoy their ‘ME’ time in their own confined spaces sometimes and they respect each other for that.

They can be called as perfectionists because they are forgiving and accepting toward each other. However, they might need a good spark in their life now and then to recharge their souls.

But apart from that, they are super cool, kind, and intelligent. One provokes another to indulge in an intellectual conversation while the other one argues about it. They call this a healthy discussion.

4. INFJ and ENTP

Sharing the intuitive trait, these both personality types are a perfect match. They are opposites and opposites attract each other in this case too. It’s hard to say which one is better than the other because they both appreciate differences and like to explore more opportunities in life.

They are partners in crime and like to see each other grow in a positive environment. Sometimes the perceptions of one type can take a wrong turn too but it’s all good as long as the other type has the right feelings and a good sense of judgment.

5. ENTJ and INTP

A special bond that is unmatched for the world. They both are logical thinkers which mean they both like to learn new things and try out new stuff together. They also prefer healthy competition but that doesn’t stop one from caring about the other.

They can talk about almost anything and everything without hurting each other’s feelings. The best part about them as a couple is that they analyze the situation first and then react accordingly.


It’s good to know your personality type based on MBTI but it’s also important to know that a certain personality type can surprise you at any moment.  This list consists of the top 5 personality types that make perfect couples.

It’s hard to comprehend which ones last longer than the other. However, they do have their strengths and weaknesses depending on circumstances and real-life situations.

Therefore, all personality types can offer something good and may have a lot in common with each other based on their characteristics and way of living.

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