Pets Have Zodiac Signs Too: This Is What They Mean

Aries – The Leader

If your dog is an Aries, you’ll notice he acts like an alpha dog. If there is one thing that the Aries Dog will do, it’s to lead all the other dogs. They know that everything is fun and exciting and wouldn’t have it any other way. They might be a bit selfish and acts in ways that would benefit themselves rather than other dogs, but in the end, he’s the life of the party. The Aries dog is normally very energetic and needs a lot of walks and exercise in order to achieve his demands. He would be perfectly fine doing various activities given to him by his owner.

There are moments when the Aries dog will get into numerous accidents because of its reckless nature. It’s best for the Aries dog to be in a place with a lot of space so that it can run around. Otherwise, they’re unhappy when confined in small spaces. You can expect that this is one dog that will be very independent. You might even notice that training them is a little difficult!

Taurus – Strong, Silent and Determined

This is what you can expect from the Taurus dog. They will follow you everywhere in order to stay close to you, the owner, at all times. When the Taurus dog is close to its owner, it will feel safe and secure. You might also notice that they are very lazy creatures who nap frequently. In fact, they would appreciate a nice, comfortable bed to dream in!

They may not be the most energetic and fun dogs, but they most certainly are awesome travel companions. This faithful dog is easy to train, but it is needy and wants to have its own items especially if there are other dogs in your household. It’s pretty normal for the Taurus dog to love food so if you notice your pal is chunky and cute, don’t be alarmed!

Gemini – The Exuberant

Gemini dogs are noisy, restless, and moody. One moment they’re super happy and the next, their crying and howling. This is one dog that would constantly need to be given proper attention. But at least they’re easy to train! This dog may have a tendency to become underweight because it is always moving around trying to find something to do.

Its nervous energy will make sure that it does various things but the moment it becomes bored, he’s passed out on his bed. You can expect that the Gemini dog will wreak chaos in your home, but after some time, the charm of the Gemini dog will be enough to make the whole family happy.

Cancer – The Laid-Back One

If you live near a beach, this dog is perfect company! This is the dog who will take the chance to go to the water whenever it can. You can expect that this is one patient dog although it can be a bit moody. Once it feels neglected, expect a tantrum. They also need constant reassurance about the things it needs to do.

The Cancer dog may be a bit bony from the constant exercise, but don’t worry! Just spoil them with food. The best thing about this dog is that you can take it anywhere and it will immediately feel at home. It will choose a spot at home that it will consider as its favorite place and claim it by moving all its toys into the area. This is one dog that will always be loyal and faithful.

Leo – The Boss

If you are searching for a dog that would act like a boss then this is the right dog zodiac sign you have to watch out for. This dog will know that it is superior as compared to others and they will expect that it will be treated like royalty. The Leo dog will make an effort so that it will be honored. It will always make sure that it is perfect in different ways no matter what its current breed is. Leos are incredibly smart, but they know it, and their pompous attitude shows for it. Expect that this is one dog that will make sure that it will do things for its owner provided that its owner deserves it.

Virgo – The Helper

Virgo dogs are little helpers and people pleasers. They are very helpful, and they will adapt to whatever its role is, without issues. It will do its best in order to live with humans properly. The Virgo dog does not want to leave unpleasant surprises with its owner. While this dog is usually strong, it would need to have a lot of energy in order to make its physique strong and free from diseases.

The Virgo dog may be a bit sensitive when it comes to the places where it wants to stay. Make sure that it has a soft pet bed where it will stay. You can expect that this is one dog that will be extremely happy whenever it can do something for you.

Libra – The Achiever

If there is one thing that the Libra dog wants to do, it is to show humans that dogs are not as hopeless as some people think. Libra dogs may be introduced to households where they would start from the very bottom of the hierarchy, but as time passes by, they receive the respect of the other dogs and also other human beings. Although they can live in a  household with other pets, they do best in an environment where they’re the center of attention. They strive to be the best dog ever, and in order to achieve that, they must do everything their owner does. This means that if the owner is eating, this dog expects to eat as well.

The Libra dog will have no problems mingling with other dogs. Remember that it will be hard to punish the Libra dog especially if it does not understand why it is being punished. Remember that as long as you show that you love the Libra dog, it will gladly reciprocate the love.

Scorpio – The Strong

If there is one thing that you can expect from the Scorpio dog, it is the fact that its character will always remain strong. They have no owner because they’re their own boss. This dog can either be a human’s best friend or worst nightmare. They make the decision on which humans to interact with and their super picky. Scorpio dogs hold grudges, so yeah, they remember that time you flicked their nose. You can expect the Scorpio dog to be on the thick side but it has amazing features. It will have a natural tendency to become bigger than its owner.

Sagittarius – The Complex

If there is one thing that you can expect from the Sagittarius dog, it’s that they’re a bit harder to deal than others. Not going to lie, if you have a Sagittarius dog, you’ve debated on whether or not they’re sane. There will be moments when the dog will not know if it should be good to its owner or not. This is a very active dog and requires a very active lifestyle.

The Sagittarius dog tends to be stronger and healthier than other zodiac dog signs. This dog would love to explore, and it should be allowed to frequently roam the outdoors. This independent dog will make a decision regarding who its companions are going to be.

Capricorn- The Ambitious

The Capricorn dog would like to reach new heights. It will make sure that it has a clear understanding of its environment and situation. This a very reserved pet and will be well-loved. It will slowly climb its way up the social ladder. A lot of Capricorn dogs may already seem like adults the moment that they are born because of their demeanor and nature. They have no problems with doing what is expected of them, but they may take a long time before they achieve their goals.

There are a lot of dogs that are born under this sign that are considered to be really handsome looking. Don’t be surprised when strangers come up to pet your dog. What the Capricorn dog would like to feel is that it is going to progress over time. If they feel they’re not good enough or their goals are impossible to reach, they may start to show some depression. Remember that this is going to be one of the most obedient pets that you will have.

Aquarius – The Best Friend

They always say that a dog is a man’s best friend and this is exactly what you can expect from the Aquarius dog. They strive to learn a lot of about the people around them. They may also get to know other dogs and is one of the most social zodiacs. Despite being social, they do have a quiet demeanor and tend to be in deep thought quite a lot.

This is a steady and calm dog that you would love to have. It is not the type of dog that would create chaos around your home. You may notice that this dog wanders, but they simply want to know more details about people in general. This is one dog who will be perfectly fine running along with its pack. They are also perfect entertainment dogs since they’re easy to work with and train. Remember that this dog will always need social interaction.

Pisces – The Split

You may think that the Gemini dog is the only dog that comes with a split personality but that’s not true. A Pisces may sometimes become confused about what it has to do. There will be times when they can be unpredictable. There will be moments when it does not know what to do. What makes the Pisces dog a bit calmer is its desire to please. They make decisions based on what they think will please their owner.

This dog is active and playful and will always try to do their best to be appreciated. There are a lot of Pisces dogs that will appreciate being near the sea and having the ability to take a dip from time to time. While the dog may sometimes be pushy about the things that it wants, there are also times when it’s gentle and loving towards its owner.

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