Pokemon Love Poem For Her if She is an Pokemon Enthusiast

love poem pokemon

So, when we’re bored we’re usually looking up on Google “Funny texts or weird Quotes” and so I was going through the pictures and I came across this Pokemon love poem that some guy was saying to his Girlfriend. It is so sweet. Wish I made it up. But I didn’t. So I don’t take credit for it. All credit goes to who ever made this up. Here it is so Enjoy!

Pokemon Love Poem

Charmanders are red
squirtles are blue
IF you were a Pokemon
I’d choose you

Your smile is stronger
Then Hyper beam
Like Jesse and James
We’d make the perfect team

I’ll stay by your side
Like Pikachu and Ash
And I’ll love you more
Then a level 80 Rapidash

Your more ledgendary
Then Zapados, Entei, or Mew
But out of all 450
I choose you

pkemon love poems

Hope you liked it. Another Pokemon Love poem which i came across is also sweet:

Out of all the Pokemon
I’d always choose you
I’ll be your Ash
You’ll be my Pickachu
I don’t need a Caterpie
You’re the Pokemon of my destiny
Together we make Gary Oak
Just one big joke
You add a spark to everyday
Through all obstacles along the way
I’ve only got one master ball
And I always choose you over them all

Not only Pokemon can benefit your business but can impress someone special. Another Pokemon Love Poem you might like:

You’ve captured my heart like a pokémon master
Let’s use some rare candy to make our love evolve faster
If you were obnoxious like Zubat, I’d use a repel
But like Drowzy’s hypnosis, you’ve got me under your spell
Not even Snorlax could get in the way of our love
A strength more than the Elite Four is what our love’s made of
For you, I would battle any gym leader or foe
And unlike Ash and Butterfree, I’ll never let you go

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