Productivity Tips: How to be ultra productive with your time.

productivity tips how to be more productive in your life

Making use of your time is one of the most essential skills you need as a human to survive. Yes surfing the internet for memes and funny videos can be good but it can also bring you post traumatic depression.

However, if you spend your time learning a skill which you could benefit from, you will feel better after spending two hours productively. 

Learning to spend your time productively is not the easy and if you give it a thought, it is not that hard either. All you need to prosper is will power. Now, you have to find a reason to be motivated.

For example, Batman’s motivation is painful death of his parents. Iron Man’s motivation is his self deprivation of glory and to be the best savior out there. 

Motivation has different meaning for all of us, you just need to find yours. 

First thing’s first, discover yourself

Know who you are and be aware of your skills, abilities, your likes and dislikes, your temperament, everything that is needed to find your purpose. 

People usually say that they are not in the working phase, or they have been procrastinating a task for weeks. Even though that task could’ve been completed in an hour or so but somehow you couldn’t find the right mind to work. That is okay, happens to all of us at some point in our lives. 

Before we jump to conclusions of how miserable we are and how we will never be able to do anything. It is time to explore yourself. Know what moves you, what gives you the drive to work for hours.

Is it a promise you made to your parents or do you want to get back on your feet asap. Ask all these rhetorical questions and I bet you’ll find yourself somewhere. 

Productivity can guide you to your purpose and your purpose can also lead you to productivity

As I said before, 2 hours of productive work will make you feel better than an hour spent looking at memes on the internet. Trust yourself, you can achieve the un-achievable. All you have to do is put your phone aside and start working. 

I know it sounds stupid if I say that you can completely change yourself overnight. No, this is going to take all you’ve got. Self control should be at its peak. No one gets rid of a habit in just a mere second, you need commitment and time.

It is understandable if you can’t work for a straight hour, start working. In the beginning it will be not more than 15 minutes but don’t give up. The time will increase gradually and so will your productivity. 

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Too many comparisons are an obstacle in your path towards productivity

Don’t look at Mark, yes everyone knows how good Mark is doing with his life and grades. We all know how flawless Anna looks with her head held high and job paying well.

All these comparisons are just going to demotivate you. You don’t need anyone’s validation to feel good about yourself, you’re a person of your own. Every human is unique in their own way, you just need to work your way to find that uniqueness in you. 

Calibrate yourself, calculate and then make a move. It is one of the most harsh realities of this world that no one will ever come and help you to be the best. It is you and you alone who will take a stand for you. No one else, so stop procrastinating and start working already! 

Always give yourself time to think

Thinking before striking has always been the best policy in this world. This weekend, take a trip to the beach or someplace warm which calms your horses. Take a blank paper with yourself and make a mind map.

Question yourself, where do you see yourself in a year, what do you have to do to achieve your goal and how are you planning to achieve that goal. 

Once you’ve done this, you’re going to have a clearer image of your ambitions. 

Strategize and calmly develop your skills

Everything takes time. Bill Gates didn’t become a billionaire overnight. Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr. none of these famous people became successful overnight. They had a plan and the will to act on it. So they did and look where it got them. 

It doesn’t matter if it takes you a week to get through module A of your course. JUST DON’T GIVE UP!

Polish your mind and stay open to new experiences

State of mind is the most important thing to take a fresh start. You have to move on from all the crap that has happened to you. Yes a breakup can be heart wrenching or departure of a beloved can leave you broken to pebbles. But there is always time to grow and heal from all your problems. 

Take a trip, a vacation to take your mind off things. Make yourself ready to clean up the mess you’ve created. The person you were in your past is only a ghost now, and surely you don’t want to be a ghost with Constantine out there. 

Learn the proper talking as well as proper listening

Learn how to respond to people, how you comprehend your problems and criticism is the key to your motivation or de-motivation. 

An insult or criticism can either get your working harder than before or it can demotivate you to stop what you were doing in the first place. If you ask me, I guess we should always take criticism and use it as a shield.

Make yourself stronger than before. Many people will tell you that you’re not worth it or you can’t achieve something but that’s just because they’re not you, they don’t understand your pain. 

In your life, many people will tell you that you are wrong or you can not achieve your goals because they just seem too hard for them. But always remember, Joey once said, “Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it wrong.” 

I hope you have a good day and you start working to make yourself better than before! 

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