This Woman Is An Orgasmic Yoga & Relationship Expert and She Is Making Couple Last Forever!

It is a well-known cliché that confidence is the key to success. Yet many people struggle to find this confidence from within. They feel that they are being held back by something at the back of their mind. This problem seems to bother women more than men. Part of this problem lies in the acceptance of one’s body as it is.

Most women are conscious not only about how they look facially but also about how their body shapes up every time they get dressed. If this sense of self-sexuality is not satisfied, it leads to a lack of confidence.

This is where Psalm Isadora steps in.

Psalm Isadora is an experienced coach specializing in women sexuality and relationships. Her motivation comes from her background, where she grew up in an extremely religious family and suffered sexual trauma.

Not being able to express her sexuality properly at the appropriate time, she suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time.

Her journey as a coach started when she traveled to India in 2007 and learned the ways of Tantra, Kama Sutra and yoga in which she found sexual healing.

Psalm Isadora started coaching prostitutes in Calcutta and her efforts were later made part of a documentary called “Shakti” (Literal: inner strength).

She created a different type of yoga known as OYogawhich combines the fun of belly dance and burlesque with the empowering qualities of yoga to create an overall enjoyable experience for all women.

Her motto is to empower women by helping them explore their sexuality so that they can remain satisfied and happy by utilizing maximum sexual capabilities.

Psalm Isadora focuses on the sexual aspects of women. She believes that sex can be one of the most empowering and enriching experience that can help create a long lasting romantic and intimate relationship with the special someone.

She guarantees that no matter how good of a sexual relationship you have with your partner, it can be improved by digging deep within and finding your maximum sexual potential. Faking orgasms can only work for so long before you want to experience something real and electrifying.

She ensures that not only is a real orgasm possible, but it can be achieved multiple times through the methods of yoga, Kamasutra and Tantra.

According to her philosophy, if a woman is sexually satisfied with herself, she attracts the man of her dreams as well. The right sexual partner only comes from exploring what you want as a person and that can enhance the quality of your relationship with that special someone.

Psalm Isadora also specializes in sexual healing for those that have suffered from sexual trauma. She wants to help those that have been sexually abused and cannot enjoy this crucial element of their existence without thinking about the trauma. It is interesting to know that Psalm Isadora was also sexually abused as a child.

Raised in a cult like society, she was put to shame by her family and was asked to cover her body at all times. Her abuser was none other than her own father who sexually abused her for years before she found the courage to speak up.

Psalm Isadora has been doing this for a very long time and has helped people get results using her blog. She has been featured in numerous magazines and channels such as CNN, Playboy, Askmen and Buzzfeed to name a few. Her struggles, experiences and talent has helped people find a more serene state of mind and has enabled them to achieve a more fulfilling sexual experience.


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