Publishing Guidelines

Our priority at Peace Quarters is to respect the thoughts and opinions of all our readers and provide them with something which will give them the motivation, inspiration and strength to live life at their fullest!

Our Content

Content at Peace Quarters is a mix and represents every religious, sexual and intellectual viewpoint! We support, produce and promote material which has a nag to help the readers! This could be a personal story of yours, an opinion, a study you find fascinating or something you just want to share with the rest of us!

Our content is not limited by race, color, language, financial backgrounds nor viewpoints!

We celebrate sex, body positivity, a healthy lifestyle and a lasting amazing relationship!

Our Tone

Each contributor ultimately has their own tone! We do emphasize on a more open minded, optimistic and enthusiastic tone but we are open to everything!

We would become fans of your contributions if your tone is authentic, inspiring and honest! Say what you really would to anyone.

However, it is worthy to note that we prefer a clean and safe for work environment!

Topics to Write On

We love all contributions equally but if you are looking to get a fair idea about how you should approach your first contribution! Here are the topics our readers absolutely love.

  • First Hand Relationship Experiences
  • Parenting Hacks and Tips
  • Health DIYs and Renowned Studies 
  • Inspirational Personal Essays
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Listicles That Make 100% Sense

Ultimate Guidelines

  • All content MUST be original (you must own the rights) and MUST NOT be published elsewhere previously.
  • Facts are critical and we don’t like to spread misinformation; prior to submitting content be sure to double check all your statistics and mention sources used, at the end of your submission.
  • You must own the rights to any images used.
  • Contributions MUST be 800 words in length, min.
  • Submitting a post does NOT mean that Peace Quarters will publish the material. Peace Quarters reserves all rights not to publish a submission. When we do publish, we will notify you!

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