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Before Your First Date, These Are 9 Questions You Must Know The Answer To

What is one thing that every relationship has in common? The first date! Sometimes a first date is like hitting a home run at a baseball game or accomplishing a perfect headstand in a yoga class on the first try. Other times, however, it might be a horrendously awkward meetup, and you might be left wondering why you ever agreed to go out on a date, to begin with.

We can’t guarantee that your first date will leave you feeling like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure in the remote corner of the concrete jungle. Although, we can offer a few conversational questions to break the ice. Hopefully, these will help you get to know the person who might be nervously pounding down a giant beer across the table from you.

1. “What are your favorite foods or drinks?”

This question is a great conversation starter, especially if you already happen to be at a restaurant eating together. Are they a health food connoisseur or a junk food addict? You’re also likely to find out all sorts of information like dietary restrictions because of food intolerances. Or perhaps they eat anything and everything if it’s covered in hot sauce.

2. “Where are you from?”

This one is a classic. It shows that you’re interested in learning more about them and it’s usually not an intrusive question that would make someone feel uncomfortable. Most people love the place where they grew up, whether it’s a mile down the road or halfway across the world. Even different states have a lot of differences; I’m sure that life in Louisville, Kentucky is much different than living in New York City or Miami Florida.

3. “Are you a dog or cat person?”

Our furry friends are enormous parts of our lives and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. So, if you have a dog that can’t stand cats and they have five cats running around their apartment, it’s a no-brainer that things probably won’t work out. Especially if either of you happens to have allergies that make being around their pets intolerable.

You can’t lounge around on a couch watching Netflix comfortably if your eyes are itchy and nose running from the animal dander.

4. “What’s something you would love to try?”

There are a billion answers to this question, but each one of those answers will reveal clues about their personality and whether you would be compatible. Both of you might have always wanted to try scuba diving or mountain climbing which would be amazing with a partner by your side.

But, if they’ve always dreamed of traveling around the world for a year and you are too afraid of flying to set foot on a plane, then you may have a conflict of interests.

5. “Are you a morning or night person?”

This question is an excellent way to see if your inner clocks agree to the same schedule. While people can change their sleeping routines, most are more comfortable with specific sleeping patterns. Jobs often dictate the times we wake up, and it’s not easy to change your career choice just because you fell in love.

So, if they must be up before the sun each morning and you can’t drag yourself out of bed before noon, then there could be issues. One of you, if not both will be lacking sleep eventually, and we all know that getting enough sleep is crucial to our health.

6. “What do you do for a living and do you enjoy it?”

Maybe they are a doctor who spent years in medical school and now saves lives daily. Perhaps they consider winning money gambling at a casino as a job. Or maybe they are jobless and living in their parent’s basement trying to find a way to earn money playing video games. Their answer could give you a clear sense of who they are and some input about their work ethic and where they’re headed in life.

Some people love their jobs and have a broad sense of satisfaction from the work they do, which is why we recommend asking if they enjoy their jobs. The amount of money one makes shouldn’t be a huge issue, finances always change with time. Money doesn’t automatically make people happy; many wealthy people still aren’t satisfied with their lives.

But, if you take on a relationship with someone who straight out refuses to work or contribute to the bills then you might feel like you’ve adopted a big kid instead of being in a relationship with a partner.

7. “Who did you vote for?”

Be careful with this one because some people are so politically charged that the date might end early because of the answer. It’s an important question to ask though, mainly if politics mean a lot to you.

Being on the opposing sides of political viewpoints can be a sign that your values and opinions are not the same. That could lead to many arguments in the future.

8. “How often do you visit your family?”

Maybe they see them every week, or perhaps it’s been ten years. Due to circumstances, some people don’t have a family at all and are hoping to make one of their own. Other people don’t want families and are looking for casual dating that leads nowhere. Whatever their answer might be, this question will reveal a lot about what kind of family person they are.

9. “What was the last book you read?”

If someone isn’t a big fan of reading this isn’t a relationship deal breaker, but it can give insight into the types of things they do enjoy. However, if you both love to read this question can open room for conversation on the books you’ve both read or suggestions on what you might like to learn in the future.

Hopefully, these questions can help keep the conversation flowing when you’re out with someone new. We’d love to hear about your experiences or any suggestions you might have for others. Good luck on your first date!

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