5 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Before You Get Engaged

questions to ask before engagement

Taking the decision of spending your entire life with someone can be overwhelming and scary at times. People usually get jitters and wonder how they will cope up with the same person for the rest of their lives.

Well for me, it was quite difficult as well, but people say that when you’ve found the right person; nothing seems to bother. Getting on track with life and settling down is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but you will get on with it.

As much of a challenge it may seem, if it is with the right person, nothing will stop you two from having your happily ever after.

We fall in love, we get to know the person, we hang out with them, and we always want to be in their shadow. Being with them makes us complete, makes us feel as if we have the world in our arms.

However, it is important to know your worth, sometimes we make the wrong decisions that result in brutal divorces, so here are 5 questions you should ask your partner before fiance.

1. Does he really love you?

Knowing that someone loves can be hard sometimes. Many people pretend to like us, for their own selfish desires. Thus, it is important for us to know who is friend and who foe. There are many ways to test your beloved.

Asking one of your bridesmaids to lure him is the oldest play in the book of betrayals. Loyalty and trust are the fundamentals of a strong relationship. If the person is loyal to you, and is willing to go to any lengths for you, then he is the one.

Another way to test his love for you is to know him better, if he really loves you, he will make efforts to make you feel happy.

If he is trying to make you feel loved, then I guess the poor lad is on the right track. If he buys you flowers and tries to win your heart over and over again, hand on to that soul, as such people are hard to find.

I once heard someone say that marriage is a battle that will never end, to win, you have to keep adding love till the rest of your life!

2. Does he regret being with you?

I know this one might be a pessimistic kind of a question you should ask your partner, however, it is one the most important one. We can see that the trends of the world are changing and women have started to ask men to marry. Females proposing seems quite a hard thing.

However, men are weak when it comes to love. The easiest way to manipulate any man is to offer him love and he will be your slave forever.

It is important to understand that people want different things in life. Probably for you your career might be important and you might want to spend most of your time in your work. And for them, love is important and they might need it for a bigger dosage.

In such cases, it is important that you come clean with you guy and make sure that he doesn’t end up regretting any decision, hence saving you from an awful divorce!

3. Will he be there for you in sickness and despair?

People show their true colors when you’re in trouble or distress. That is the most disturbing thing for most couples, since you never know what will make them walk away. Sometimes, we understand people and expect too much from them, and when they disappoint us we curse them.

In hindsight, this question is going to prove how much the guy actually loves you. People make many vows while marrying each other, but their promises are overshadowed by emotions.

Many of us fail to keep those vows intacted till the first 5 years of our marriage. As things start to break slowly, you then decide to work hard for your relationship.

With constant love and constant care, you can almost manage anything. You can win their heart and make them believe in you. Making them care for you is easy, as much sugar you add the sweater the tea is; hence add love to him and he will be all yours!

4. Will he bring back cakes and tiny surprises for you every weekend?

This is a cute question you should ask your partner that will lighten his mood. Asking for constant love is necessary when you are in a loving committed relationship.

People might bat their eyes on you and think of you as cheesy, but don’t worry about them.

Being yourself will help you a lot. Psychologically speaking, if you want someone to completely trust you, just be open with them.

Burdening them with your work and letting them know your work are two different things. Make sure that whatever you’re asking for is not burdening your partner.

For example, if one day he shows up tired and without your presents or whatever you ask for, don’t pick up a fight. Rather talk it out and be the bigger person for change. It’s an equal exchange, if he forgets, you go get him something to refresh him from his problems.

5. Will he help you with daily chores?

YES LADIES! Will he help you with daily chores? Will he wash the dishes and wash some clothes?

Men reading this article, need to hear this that working at your house doesn’t make you any less of a guy! Actually, it makes you more hot for the woman. Women like working men, who know how to fix something in their house.

To be honest, this question you should ask your partner. He might joke about it and not take it seriously, but don’t worry, if he is for real, he will come around.

Loving someone is easy, but marrying someone is very difficult. Keep in mind that you’re not only going to take one person in, marriage is the mix and match of two families. Respect each other and live happily, in peace and harmony.

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