Racial Profiling and Its Effects

How To Prevent or End Racial Profiling?

Racial Profiling

Focusing on or doubting someone of a certain race on the basis of located traits or behavior of a racial or ethnic group, instead of on individual impact is racial profiling.

Everyday racial profiling is almost like second nature now, it is more common than people think. It occurs every day in cities and towns across the country, when law and private security target people, humiliates and often frighten them.

It also occurs when they arrest people based on certain race, ethnicity religion or national origin without any search or criminal evidence.

To those who have not experienced racial profiling or do not know someone who has it may seem to be nothing to them. Racial profiling is much more than an irritating inconvenience or frustration.

It has real and direct outcomes. Those who experience racial profiling pay the price mentally, emotionally, psychologically and in some cases physically and financially.

What are the effects of racial profiling?

Minorities and immigrants across Europe and the United States have reported discriminatory treatment by the police.

In the United States racial profiling continues to be a frequent form of discrimination. In the United States, police officers stop black and Latino men routinely without any cause.

It’s been 240 years of slavery and 90 years of legalized racial segregation have led to systematic profiling of blacks in pedestrian stops.

Since 9/11 racial profiling has become common for Muslims, Arabs and South Asian communities. In European, Union member states racial profiling is at its peak in Spain, Hungary, France and Russia.

Education is an essential human right. In Canada it is recognized as a fundamental social good, school setting is one of the first places that children learn to relate to and interact with one another. Several communities in Canada shared a concern related to racial profiling in education to the commission.

The commission was told that the children from African Canadian, Latin, Chinese, and Vietnamese and Arab communities are slow in learning, aggressive and are the conflict creators in school.

Another common concern was that when the racialized child is involved in an incident with a white child, his explanation is less likely to be believed a he is more likely to be punished or to be punished more severely.

Racial profiling is unfair and should not be hearten. It fetches a brutalize message to the citizens of every nation that judgment on criminal offenses is based on their skin color.

Racial profiling interferes with the gadget of criminal justice in any state with the aid of making a part of the citizen’s distrust. Its miles turning into one of the foremost troubles of challenge in the United States.

Racial profiling has challenged the The United States constitution Fourth Amendment within the federal level. Amendment guaranteed every citizen protection against biased search as well as unjustifiable takeover.

Amendment made it must that all citizens face a fair trial in accordance to the law without considering their racial backgrounds.

According to a FBI report, two thirds of the criminals received life sentences and they were non-whites. If we see in New York, it was 83% there.

All around the United States many Americans have the feeling that they are inferior to other people. The way they thinks have a real negative effect on other races.

Why Does Racial Profiling Exist?

The biggest issue is with the police department of the United States. They utilize racial profiling to determine whether a person looks suspicious or not, and deciding whether a person is suspicious based on looks is entirely wrong.

Every person should be treated equally. Racial profiling based on culture, ethnicity, color or race not only effects mentally, psychologically or emotionally but it can also affect other aspects of life like relationships, at workplace, crime and the most important it can affect the upcoming generation.

On many occasions people are racist and close minded. Having a long lasting relationship with someone can make humans grow from the experience and gain awareness related to many things.

Dealing with racist people seem harmless but when they build their own opinions on the people this is not a good way to treat others. Being in a relationship with someone who is racist is not a healthy relationship.

How To Prevent or End Racial Profiling?

The most serious issue is that the government profiling rules don’t address the profiling activities of nearby law implementation. They just apply government law authorization offices and neighborhood authorities working with them on bureaucratic undertakings.

The new rules are simply expected to rouse neighborhood police to plan their own however nearby police divisions highly esteem their self-represented standards and are not intrigued by the government advising how to work.

The cease Racial and Religious Profiling Act could limit federal country and nearby law enforcement from concentrated on a person based totally on actual or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, gender, countrywide origin, identity or sexual orientation without truthful facts that is applicable to linking someone to a crime to stop racial profiling.

To end the racial profiling we should help police to understand how their implicit biases negatively affect their work and their communities. Police must also work with communities to improve their relationships to the people they are supposed to serve.

The question in our mind arises that if everyone should be treated equally then why does racial profiling even exist?

To find the answer, we should put ourselves in the shoes of young African-American man. Nothing is different about us, we are the same person in a different skin.

According to a survey in the United States, almost all of the black people who responded 92% said that they felt discrimination African Americans.

Half of them said they had personally experienced racial discrimination in being treated equally or promoted at a work, whenever they applied for jobs or in their encounters with police.

It is not hard to say or imagine that the real full picture is even worse than the results that are found.

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